Suffolk County

Site: Suffolk County Police

Unique DB ID: 4404
County: Suffolk

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.9200 Longitude: -72.6700 Range: 45 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17126b0ASCPD TrainS.C.P.D. Training SchoolLaw Talk
1936790ANCPD LinkNCPD Highway InterOp LinkLaw Dispatch
220645630DEHomicideHomicideLaw Tac
220805640DRobberyRobberyLaw Tac
221285670DNarcoticsNarcoticsLaw Tac
221605690DSurveillanceSurveillanceLaw Tac
2222456d0DDetectivesDetectivesLaw Tac
2251257f0DSurveillanceSurveillanceLaw Tac
48016bb90ASPCD SouthPD South Car to Car (1st/3rd/5th)Law Talk
48240bc70ASCPD NorthPD North Car to Car (2nd/4th/6th)Law Talk
48272bc90ARadio SchoolS.C.P.D. Radio Monitor SchoolLaw Talk
48304bcb0ATrainingS.C.P.D. Training SchoolLaw Talk
48368bcf0ARangeRange InstructorsLaw Dispatch
49776c270ASCPD 1st Pct1st Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
51376c8b0ASCPD 2nd Pct2nd Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
52976cef0ASCPD 3rd Pct3rd Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
54576d530ASCPD 4th Pct4th Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
56176db70ASCPD 5th Pct5th Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
57776e1b0ASCPD 6th Pct6th Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
59376e7f0ASCPD 7th Pct7th Pct DispatchLaw Dispatch
60848edb0ASCPD CommandCommand Band (Highway Patrol, Aviation, Marine)Law Dispatch
60976ee30ASCLERGSuffolk County Law Enforcement Response GroupLaw Tac
62368f3a0ASCPD SUVSUVLaw Tac
62448f3f0AMDC HELPMDC help deskLaw Talk
62480f410ASCPD Data 2DATA 2 Records/InformationLaw Tac
62512f430ADetectivesDetective SquadLaw Tac
62576f470ADet - SUVDet - SUVLaw Tac
62640f4b0AEdward/ArsonSCPD Edward / Arson UnitsLaw Tac
62736f510ASUVSUVLaw Tac
62768f530ASUVSUVLaw Tac
62928f5d0ASUVSUVLaw Tac