Northeast Tarrant County

Site: Keller

Unique DB ID: 43

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 32.9300 Longitude: -97.2400 Range: 5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64481930AK-PATRL1Police 1 (Dispatch)Law Dispatch
64801950AK-PATRL2Police 2Law Dispatch
65121970AK-PATRL3Police 3Law Dispatch
65441990AK-TACTTacticalLaw Dispatch
657619b0AK-ALARMFire 1 (Dispatch)Fire Dispatch
660819d0AK-FIRE2Fire 2 (patched with 3728 and 16208 for combined fire response)Fire-Tac
664019f0AK-FIRE3Fire 3Fire-Tac
66721a10AK-STREETStreets & DrainagePublic Works
67041a30AK-WATSWRWater & SewerPublic Works
67681a70AK-PARD1Parks & Recreation 1Other
68001a90AK-EOC1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
68321ab0AK-EOC2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
68641ad0AK-ALLCity Wide AnnouncementMulti-Dispatch
68961af0AK-CTYHLLCity HallPublic Works
69281b10AK-PARD2Parks & Recreation 2Public Works
69601b30AK-INSPCTInspectorsPublic Works
69921b50AK-EVENT1Special Events 1Multi-Tac
70241b70AK-EVENT2Special Events 2Multi-Tac
70561b90AK-PUBSUPPublic Works SupervisorsPublic Works