Waukesha County Public Safety

Site: City of Oconomowoc

Unique DB ID: 3970
County: Waukesha

 Police is dispatched by the City. Western Lakes Fire is dispatched by Waukesha County Communications.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 43.0328 Longitude: -88.2806 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4016fb0AWLFDTAC1Western Lakes FD Tac 1Fire-Tac
92962450ALake PoliceLake Police/DPWLaw Talk
945624f0AAll Call All Call (Announcement)Public Works
94882510ABeach OpsBeach OpsPublic Works
95202530AEngineeringEngineeringPublic Works
95522550AStreetsStreetsPublic Works
95842570AParksParksPublic Works
964825b0AFire DispFire - Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
968025d0APolice DispPolice 1 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
971225f0APolice TacPolice 2 - TacLaw Talk
97442610AFire EMS 1Western Lakes EMS 1Fire-Talk
97762630AFire PagingPagingMulti-Dispatch
98082650AWW RIC OpsWestern Waukesha RIC OpsFire-Talk
98402670AFire Tac COconomowoc Fire Tac CFire-Talk
98722690AFire Tac AWestern Lakes Fire Tac AFire-Talk
100962770APolice Ops 1Police 3 - Ops 1Law Talk
101282790APolice Ops 2Police 4 - Ops 2Law Talk
1016027b0APolice Ops 3Police 5 - Ops 3Law Talk
1019227d0APolice Ops 4Police 6 - Ops 4Law Talk
102882830ACitywideCity - DPW to PDPublic Works
103202850ATelemetryTelemetryPublic Works
1041628b0AUtilities 1Utilities Ops 1Public Works
1044828d0AUtilitiesUtilitiesPublic Works
1048028f0AUtilities 2Utilities Ops 2Public Works
105122910AUtilities 3Utilities Ops 3Public Works
105442930AUtilities 4Utilities Ops 4Public Works
105762950ALake LakePublic Works
106082970AHwy DeptTown Hwy DeptPublic Works
1073629f0APolice - Tn1Police - Town 1Law Talk
108002a30APolice - Tn2Police - Town 2Law Talk
108642a70AunidunidPublic Works
232165ab0AWastewaterWastewaterPublic Works