Utah Communications Authority

Site: Cache County

Unique DB ID: 3873
County: Cache

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.7100 Longitude: -111.7800 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
160003e80ACache Law 1Cache County Law 1 (Sheriff, UHP, formerly Regional)Law Dispatch
160323ea0ACache ComCarCache County Common Car to CarMulti-Talk
286727000ACache JailCache County JailCorrections
287047020ACache Law 2Cache County Law 2 (Police Depts, formerly Service)Law Dispatch
287367040ACache SO CarCache County Sheriff Car to Car Law Talk
287687060ACache SARCache County Search and RescueLaw Talk
288007080ACache AC CarCache County Animal Control Car to CarLaw Talk
2883270a0ACache FD PagCache County Fire/EMS Paging (linked to 154.010)Fire Dispatch
2886470c0ACache FD DisCache County Fire/EMS Dispatch (linked to 155.010)Fire Dispatch
2889670e0ACache FD CarCache County Fire Car to CarFire-Talk
289287100ACache Ops 1 Cache County Operations 1Multi-Talk
289607120ACache Ops 2 Cache County Operations 2Multi-Talk
289927140ACache Ops 3 Cache County Operations 3Multi-Talk
290247160ACache Ops 4 Cache County Operations 4Multi-Talk
290567180ACache Ops 5Cache County Operations 5Multi-Talk
292487240ALogan CarLogan City Car to CarMulti-Talk
292807260AUSU PD DispUtah State University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
293127280ACache EOC 1Cache County Emergency Operations 1Emergency Ops
2934472a0ALogan EOC 2Logan Emergency Operations 2Emergency Ops
295687380AUSU PD CarUtah State University Police Car to CarLaw Talk
2960073a0ASmithfieldFDSmithfield Fire Car to Car (Station 40)Fire Dispatch
2963273c0ASmithfld CarSmithfield City Car to CarMulti-Talk
2966473e0ANo. Park CarNorth Park City Car to CarMulti-Talk
296967400AN Logan FD CNorth Logan Fire Car to Car (Station 120)Fire-Talk
297287420ALogan FD CarLogan Fire Car to Car (Station 70, USU Station 71)Fire-Talk
297927460ALogan Court1st District Court Security - Logan Security
298247480ANewton FDNewton Fire Car to Car (Station 50)Fire-Talk
2985674a0AWellsvilleFDWellsville Fire Car to Car (Station 60)Fire-Talk
2988874c0AHyrum FDHyrum Fire Car to Car (Station 80)Fire-Talk
299527500AParadise FDAdult Probation & Patrol AND Paradise Fire Car to Car (Station 90)Fire-Talk
3014475c0AMendon FDMendon Fire Car to Car (Station 110)Fire-Talk
3017675e0ATrenton FDTrenton Fire Car to Car (Station 130)Fire-Talk
302087600ANibley EMSNibley EMS Car to Car (Station 140)Fire-Talk
302407620AClarkston FDClarkston Fire Car to Car (Station 10)Fire-Talk
302727640ALewiston FDLewiston Fire Car to Car (Station 20)Fire-Talk
303047660ARichmnd FDRichmond Fire Car to Car (Station 30)Fire-Talk