Utah Communications Authority

Site: Utah Department of Corrections

Unique DB ID: 3867
County: Statewide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.5000 Longitude: -111.5000 Range: 220 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49281340ADOC Train 2DOC Training Academy 2Corrections
49601360AUSP MedicalUtah State Prison MedicalCorrections
505613c0ADOC Parole CAdult Probation and Parole Car to CarCorrections
52161460ADOC AdminCarAdministration car to carCorrections
528014a0ADOC Misc 03Department of CorrectionsCorrections
53761500ADOC Misc 04Department of CorrectionsCorrections
54401540ADOC Misc 05Department of CorrectionsCorrections
54721560ADOC Misc 06Department of CorrectionsCorrections
55041580ADOC Misc 07Department of CorrectionsCorrections
553615a0ADOC Misc 08Department of CorrectionsCorrections
556815c0ADOC Misc 09Department of CorrectionsCorrections
64961960AUSP CarUtah State Prison Security Car to CarCorrections
656019a0ADOC Parole 1Adult Probation and Parole 1Corrections
66881a20ADOC Misc 10Department of CorrectionsCorrections
67201a40ADOC BonnevilBonneville Community Correctional CenterCorrections
67521a60ADOC OrangeStOrange Street Community Correctional CenterCorrections
67841a80ADOC FremontFremont Community CenterCorrections
68161aa0ADOC LEB InvLEB InvestigationsCorrections
68481ac0ADOC Train 1DOC Training Academy 1Corrections
68801ae0ADOC Misc 15Department of CorrectionsCorrections
69121b00ADOC AdminDOC Admin/SchedulingCorrections
69441b20ADOC Misc 17Department of CorrectionsCorrections
69761b40AUSP MaintUtah State Prison Maintenance North GateCorrections
70081b60AUSP MaintUtah State Prison MaintenanceCorrections
70401b80ADOC Parole 2Adult Probation and Parole 2Corrections
70721ba0ADOC Misc 19Department of CorrectionsCorrections
71041bc0ADOC IT TechsDOC IT TechsCorrections
71361be0ADOC Misc 21Department of CorrectionsCorrections
71681c00AUSP FenceUtah State Prison Fence ChecksCorrections
72001c20ADOC OquirrhsOquirrhsCorrections
72321c40ADOC WasatchWasatch/Infirmary (General Pop and Hospital)Corrections
72641c60ADOC Uinta 3Unita 3/5 (Maximum - Orientation / Receiving)Corrections
72961c80ADOC Uinta 1Unita 1/2/4 (Maximum - Death Row / Gangs etc.)Corrections
73281ca0ADOC OlympusOlympus (Mental Unit)Corrections
73601cc0ADOC TimpStarTimp / Star (Woman Units)Corrections
73921ce0ADOC LonePeakLone PeakCorrections
74241d00ADOC PromontrPromontoryCorrections
74561d20ADOC Misc 31Department of CorrectionsCorrections
74881d40ADOC Misc 32Department of CorrectionsCorrections
75201d60AUSP SecurityUtah State Prison Security MainCorrections
75521d80ADOC ParoleSLAdult Probation and Parole Salt Lake AreaCorrections
76161dc0ADOC Misc 33Department of CorrectionsCorrections
320007d00ADOC USCFUtah State Correctional Facility - Freemont Unit (USCF)Corrections