Utah Communications Authority

Site: Utah Department of Transportation

Unique DB ID: 3866
County: Statewide

The Utah Department of Transportation is divided into four regions from north to south:
Region 1 - Box Elder, Cache, Morgan, Rich, and Weber counties.
Region 2 - Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele counties.
Region 3 - Daggett, Duchesne, Juab, Uintah, and Utah counties.
Region 4 - Southern half of Utah (all other counties).

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.5000 Longitude: -111.5000 Range: 220 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
189444a00AUDOT R-1 DispRegion 1 DispatchPublic Works
189764a20AUDOT R-1 AnncRegion 1 AnnouncementsPublic Works
190404a60AUDOT ParleysCParleys Canyon 234 (1B)Public Works
190724a80AUDOT SlvSumitSilver Summit 235 (1C)Public Works
191044aa0AUDOT WanshipWanship 236 (1D)Public Works
191364ac0AUDOT KamasKamas 237 (1E)Public Works
191684ae0AUDOT EchoEcho 238 (1F)Public Works
192004b00AUDOT R-2 MechRegion 2 MechanicsPublic Works
192324b20AUDOT SLC EastSLC East 225 (2B)Public Works
192644b40AUDOT CentervlCenterville 226 (2C)Public Works
192964b60AUDOT SLC NortSLC North 230 (2D)Public Works
193284b80AUDOT CottonwdCottonwood 233 (2E)Public Works
193604ba0AUDOT DraperDraper 227 (3B)Public Works
193924bc0AUDOT MurrayMurray 232 (3C)Public Works
194244be0AUDOT WsJordanWest Jordan 231 (3D)Public Works
194564c00AUDOT R-2 SignRegion 2 Sign Crew 244Public Works
195204c40AUDOT R-2 PainRegion 2 Paint Crew 243Public Works
195524c60AUDOT WendoverWendover 221 (4B)Public Works
195844c80AUDOT GrantsvlGrantsville 222 (4C)Public Works
196164ca0AUDOT TooeleTooele 223 (4D)Public Works
196484cc0AUDOT WsValleyWest Valley 224 (4E)Public Works
196804ce0AUDOT R-2 LandRegion 2 Landscaping 245 Public Works
198084d60AUDOT ClearfieClearfield 124 (6D)Public Works
198404d80AUDOT ClintonClinton 121 (6A)Public Works
198724da0AUDOT OgdenWbrOgden/Weber A162 122 (6B)Public Works
199044dc0AUDOT BrigCityBrigham City 123 (6C)Public Works
199364de0AUDOT HuntsvilHuntsville 125 (6E)Public Works
199684e00AUDOT MorganMorgan 126 (6F)Public Works
200004e20AUDOT SnowvillSnowville 131 (6G)Public Works
200324e40AUDOT BothwellBothwell 132 (6H)Public Works
200644e60AUDOT RiversidRiverside 133 (6I)Public Works
200964e80AUDOT WellsvilWellsville 135 (6J)Public Works
201284ea0AUDOT LoganLogan 136 (6K)Public Works
201604ec0AUDOT LaketownLaketown 137 (6L)Public Works
201924ee0AUDOT R-1 SignRegion 1 Signs and Paint Crew 143Public Works
202244f00AUDOT LoganSmtLogan Summit 145 (6N)Public Works
202564f20AUDOT Sig MainSignal MainPublic Works
202884f40AUDOT R-1 PlowRegion 1 Snowplows / PavingPublic Works
203524f80AUDOT R-1 ConsRegion 1 ConstructionPublic Works
204164fc0AUDOT AvalanchAvalanche ControlPublic Works
204805000AUDOT R-2 ConsRegion 2 Construction (8F)Public Works
205765060AUDOT R-3 DispRegion 3 DispatchPublic Works
2064050a0AUDOT R-2 DispRegion 2 DispatchPublic Works
3065677c0AUDOT Carbon Aux1Carbon County Aux 1Public Works
3068877e0AUDOT Carbon Aux2Carbon County Aux 2Public Works
3091278c0AUDOT Juab/MillRegion 4 Juab/Millard counties Public Works
3094478e0AUDOT GrandGrand CountyPublic Works
310087920AUDOT I-70Interstate 70Public Works
310727960AUDOT R-4 EastSan Juan/Grand/Emery countiesPublic Works
3116879c0AUDOT MantiManti AreaPublic Works
3120079e0AUDOT R-4 WestRegion 4 Piute/Sevier/Wayne countiesPublic Works
41792a340AUDOT R-3 PainRegion 3 Paint Crew 3443Public Works
41824a360AUDOT SaratogaSaratoga Springs 328Public Works
42048a440AUDOT R-3Region 3Public Works
42112a480AUDOT TOCTraffic Operations GroupPublic Works
42272a520AUDOT R-1 ShopRegion 1 ShopPublic Works
42304a540AUDOT EurekaEureka 321 (7C)Public Works
42336a560AUDOT NephiNephi 322 (7D)Public Works
42368a580AUDOT LehiLehi 323 (7E)Public Works
42400a5a0AUDOT SantaqinSantaquin 324 (7F)Public Works
42432a5c0AUDOT ProvoCynProvo Canyon 325 (7G)Public Works
42464a5e0AUDOT SpanForkSpanish Fork 326 (7H)Public Works
42496a600AUDOT ProvoProvo 327 (7I)Public Works
42528a620AUDOT TabionaTabiona 333 (7K)Public Works
42560a640AUDOT DuchesneDuchesne 334 (7L)Public Works
42592a660AUDOT RoosevltRoosevelt 335 (7M)Public Works
42624a680AUDOT ManilaManila 336 (7N)Public Works
42656a6a0AUDOT VernalVernal 337 (7O)Public Works
42688a6c0AUDOT R-3 MechRegion 3 MechanicsPublic Works
46752b6a0AUDOT StrawbryStrawberry 345Public Works