Utah Communications Authority

Site: Utah Highway Patrol

Unique DB ID: 3861
County: Statewide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.5000 Longitude: -111.5000 Range: 220 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43521100AUHP North CarBox Elder/Cache County Car/CarLaw Talk
43841120AUHP Weber CarWeber County Car/CarLaw Talk
44161140AUHP Davis CarDavis County Car/CarLaw Talk
44481160AUHP Car to CarStatewide Car/CarLaw Talk
451211a0AUHP Utah CarUtah County Car/Car (03)Law Talk
454411c0AUHP Sumt CarSummit County Car/CarLaw Talk
457611e0AUHP Tooele CarTooele County Car/CarLaw Talk
46081200AUHP SpecOps 1Special Operations 1Law Talk
46401220AUHP SpecOps 2Special Operations 2Law Talk
46721240AUHP 18 Cap SecCapitol Security Dispatch (18)Law Dispatch
47361280AUHP 15 InspectInspections (15)Law Talk
476812a0AUHP Inspec CarInspections Car/CarLaw Talk
480012c0AUHP Juab CarJuab County Car/CarLaw Talk
483212e0AUHP 12 CarSection 12 Car/Car (Cedar City Ch 3)Law Talk
48641300AUMVA EnforceMotor Vehicle Administration EnforcementLaw Talk
48961320AUMVA 25A 4Motor Vehicle Administration 25A Ch 4Law Talk
57281660AUHP 9 CarCarbon County Car/Car (09)Law Talk
579216a0AUHP 11 CarSection 11 Car/Car (11) (Cedar City Ch 15)Law Talk
582416c0AUHP 13 Grand CarGrand County Car/Car (13)Law Talk
119682ec0AUHP SpecOps 3Special Operations 3Law Talk
1737643e0AUHP SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
174084400AUHP SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
174404420AUHP SWAT 3SWAT 3Law Tac
174724440AUHP SWAT 4SWAT 4Law Tac
175364480AUT Pub SafetyUtah Dept. of Public SafetyLaw Talk
1836847c0AUHP VernalVernalLaw Dispatch
1840047e0AUHP DuchesneDuchesne CountyLaw Dispatch
197124d00AUHP SLCo DispSalt Lake CountyLaw Dispatch
197444d20AUHP Utah DispUtah County South (Linked to 151.085)Law Dispatch
197764d40AUHP SL Co ServUHP 4 Salt Lake County ServiceLaw Talk
304647700AUHP VirginWashington County (Linked to 155.625)Law Dispatch
387209740AUHP JuabJuab County (Linked to 151.220)Law Dispatch
44480adc0AUHP Utah Co CarUHP 4 Utah County Car/CarLaw Talk
49600c1c0AUHP Sevier NSevier County North (Linked to 155.310)Law Dispatch
49632c1e0AUHP Sevier SSevier County South (Linked to 155.595)Law Dispatch
49664c200AUHP Cedar NCedar City North (Iron & Beaver Co.)Law Dispatch
49696c220AUHP Cedar SCedar City South (Washington Co.)Law Dispatch
49728c240AUHP Carbon CoCarbon Co. (Linked to Ford Ridge 155.655)Law Dispatch
49760c260AUHP Emery CoEmery Co. (Linked to Cedar Mtn 154.920 & Bald Mesa 154.830)Law Dispatch
51520c940AUHP Iron Co CarIron County Car/CarLaw Talk