Site: Parma

Unique DB ID: 3645

Parma safety forces now operate on the Parma P25 digital system, but may still have access to the EDACS system as a backup or alternate.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.3843 Longitude: -81.7331 Range: 3.6 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30502-061AP1 GARAGEParma Service Dept.Public Works
30602-062AP2City of ParmaPublic Works
30702-063AP3 SEWERSParma Sewer Dept.Public Works
30802-064AP4City of ParmaPublic Works
30902-065AP5City of Parma Sign ShopPublic Works
31002-066AP6 CODE ENFParma Code EnforcementPublic Works
31102-067AP7 SENIOR TXParma Senior Citizen TransportPublic Works
31202-070AP8City of ParmaPublic Works
31302-071AP9Ridgewood Golf CoursePublic Works
31402-072AP10City of ParmaPublic Works
31502-073AP11City of ParmaPublic Works
31602-074AP12City of ParmaPublic Works
31702-075AP13City of Parma Building DepartmentPublic Works
31802-076AP14City of ParmaPublic Works
31902-077AP15City of ParmaPublic Works
32302-083ARAD SVCRadio ServicePublic Works
32602-086AP ANML CTLParma Animal WardenPublic Works
34102-105AP SPECIALSpecialPublic Works