Montgomery County (P25)

Site: Montgomery County Hospitals

Unique DB ID: 33550
County: Montgomery

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 30.3169 Longitude: -95.4669 Range: 30 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3015075c6DEMS to ALL HOSPEMS to All HospitalsHospital
3015175c7DMC EMS-CRMC EREMS to Conroe Regional Medical CenterHospital
3015275c8DMC EMS-MHTWH EREMS to Memorial Hermann The Woodlands HospitalHospital
3015375c9DMC EMS-KMC EREMS to Kingwood Medical CenterHospital
3015475caDMC EMS-SLWH EREMS to St. Luke's Woodlands HospitalHospital
3015575cbDMC EMS-TRH EREMS to Tomball Regional HospitalHospital
3015675ccDMC EMS-MWW EREMS to Methodist Woodlands West ERHospital
3015775cdDMC EMS-MHWW EREMS to Memorial Hermann Woodlands West ERHospital
3015875ceDMC EMS-TCBHC EREMS to Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare Conroe Hospital
3015975cfDMC EMS-SLLK EREMS to St. Luke's Lakeside ERHospital
3016075d0DMC EMS-TCHTWEMS to Texas Children's Hospital The WoodlandsHospital
3016575d5DMC EMS-MHW EREMS to Methodist Hospital WoodlandsHospital
3016675d6DMC EMS-KPER EREMS to Kingwood Pediatric E.R.Hospital