US Marine Corps Installations West (14C)

Site: Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Unique DB ID: 32763
County: San Diego

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps. It is located on the Southern California coast, in San Diego County, and bordered by Oceanside to the south

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.3081 Longitude: -117.3109 Range: 10 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100642750DMCP RefuelPlane RefuelingMilitary
310017919DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
31101797dDMCP PMO DispProvost Marshal DispatchLaw Dispatch
31102797eDMCP PMO T1Provost Marshal MP Tac 1Law Tac
31103797fDMCP PMO T2Provost Marshal MP Tac 2Law Tac
311047980DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
311107986DMCP PMO SRTProvost Marshal MP SRTLaw Tac
311117987DeMCP Brig AnnexBrig AnnexMilitary
311127988DMCP Base BrigBase BrigMilitary
31117798dDMCP NCISSurvNCIS SurveillanceMilitary
3120179e1DMCP FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
3120279e2TMCP FD Cmd 1Fire Command 1Fire-Tac
3120379e3DMCP FD Cmd 2Fire Command 2Fire-Tac
3120679e6DMCP FD Cmd 3Fire Command 3Fire-Tac
3120879e8DMCP FD Tac 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Talk
3121079eaDMCP FD PrevtFire PreventionFire-Talk
3121179ebDMCP FD TrainFire TrainingFire-Talk
3122179f5DMCP EOD31221Explosive Ordinance DisposalMilitary
3122279f6DMCP EOD31222Explosive Ordinance DisposalMilitary
3122779fbDMCP FD Cmd 4Fire Command 4Fire-Tac
312847a34DMCP FD Cmd 5Fire Command 5Fire-Tac
313017a45DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313027a46DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313037a47DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313047a48DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313067a4aDMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313087a4cDMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313097a4dDMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313117a4fDMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313157a53DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313187a56DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313197a57DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313277a5fDMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313317a63DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
313327a64DMCP Guards21Area 21 GuardsMilitary
313387a6aDMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313527a78DMCP Guards43Area 43 GuardsMilitary
313537a79DMCP GuardsArea GuardsMilitary
313667a86DMCP Range 1Long Rifle - Range Ch 1 PrimaryMilitary
313677a87DMCP Range 2Long Rifle - Range Ch 2Military
313687a88DMCP Range 3Long Rifle - Range Ch 3Military
313697a89DMCP Range 4Long Rifle - Range Ch 4Military
313827a96DMCP Rng31382Range ControlMilitary
313837a97DMCP Rng31383Range ControlMilitary
314017aa9DMCP Air SecAirfield - SecurityMilitary
314047aacDMCP TrainingField TrainingMilitary
314117ab3DMCP Air RampAirfield - Ramp ControlMilitary
314127ab4DMCP AirCrashAirfield - Crash Crews (Some Encryption)Military
314207abcDMCP Testing31420TestingMilitary
314217abdDMCP Air FuelAirfield - FuelMilitary
314237abfDMCP POL TrksRefueling TrucksMilitary
314257ac1DMCP FuelingFuelingMilitary
315027b0eDMCP TelecomTelephone Maintenance (Oscar Units)Military
315037b0fDMCP TelecomTelephone Maintenance (Oscar Units)Military
315047b10DMCP TelecomTelephone Maintenance (Oscar Units)Military
315067b12DMCP TelecomTelephone Splicing (Tango Units)Military
315157b1bDMCP RadioMntRadio Maintenance (Romeo Units)Military
315167b1cDMCP Cmd CntrCommand CenterMilitary
315407b34DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
315497b3dDMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
315757b57DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
315777b59DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
316117b7bDMCP PlumbingFacilities - PlumbingMilitary
316127b7cDMCP ElectricFacilities - ElectricalMilitary
316177b81DMCP FacilitiFacilitiesMilitary
317017bd5DMCP Gm WardGame WardenMilitary
317327bf4DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
317547c0aDMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
317567c0cDMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
317907c2eDMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
317917c2fDMCP Testing31791TestingMilitary
318187c4aDMCP Dive OpsDiving OperationsMilitary
318607c74DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
319117ca7DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
319127ca8DMCP UnkUnknownMilitary
319237cb3DMCPTransportTransportation OperationsMilitary
319247cb4DWFTB Tac 1WFTB - Training Tac 1Military
319257cb5DMCP CnvyTrngConvoy TrainingMilitary
319307cbaDMCP TrainingTrainingMilitary
319317cbbDWFTB GuardsWFTB - GuardsMilitary
319327cbcDWFTB AmmoWFTB - Ammo BaseMilitary
319337cbdDEWFTB EncryptWFTBMilitary
319417cc5DMCP L/GLifeguardsMilitary
319437cc7DMCP L/GLifeguardsMilitary
319717ce3DMCP UniformUniform UnitsMilitary
63001f619DEMCP AmmoAmmunitionMilitary