US Marine Corps Installations West (14C)

Site: Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms

Unique DB ID: 32762
County: San Bernardino

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms is located near Twentynine Palms, CA and its mission is to conduct relevant live-fire combined arms training, urban operations, and Joint/Coalition level integration training that promotes operational forces readiness

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.1432 Longitude: -116.0558 Range: 60 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35101891dD29Palms PMOProvost Marshal's OfficeMilitary
352018981D29Palms FireFire 1 - DispatchFire Dispatch
352038983D29PlmCmbatFDFire 2Fire-Tac
353518a17D29PalmsRangeBEARMAT (Range Control)Military
353538a19D29PlmsRngInsRange InspectorMilitary
354308a66D29PlmAirfeldAIR FIELD OPS (GND)Military
357238b8bD29PalmsRifleRifle Range InternalMilitary
358018bd9D29PlmAirGrd1TTECG 01 (Tactics and Training Exercise Control Group)Military
358028bdaD29PlmAirGrd2TTECG 02Military
358038bdbD29PlmTTECG03TTECG 03Military
358048bdcD29PlmTTECG04TTECG 04Military
358058bddDTTECG AirCrdTTECG AIR CoordMilitary
358078bdfD29PlmTECGFSTTTECG FiST (Fire Support Team)Military
358098be1D29PlmAirGrndTTECG RoadGuardMilitary
358108be2D29PlmTECGIDFTTECG IDF (Indrect Fire)Military
358218bedD29PlmTTECG05TTECG 05Military
358288bf4D20PlmTTECG06TTECG 06Military
358668c1aD29PlmTTECG07TTECG 07Military