Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Site: Wexford County (83) Fire and EMS

Unique DB ID: 31526
County: Wexford

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 44.3308 Longitude: -85.5831 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42271083D83CADMHCadillac EMS to Munson Healthcare-CadillacHospital
433610f0D83FE911Fire and EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
4378111aD83EMS PAGE 1Wexford EMS Station 1 PagingEMS Dispatch
4379111bD83EMS PAGE 2Wexford EMS Station 2 PagingEMS Dispatch
4380111cD83PG500Mesick Rescue PagersEMS Dispatch
4381111dD83PG100Boon Twp. Fire/Rescue PagingFire Dispatch
4382111eD83PG200Buckley Rescue Paging Station 200EMS Dispatch
4383111fD83PG300Cedar Creek Twp. Fire PagingFire Dispatch
43841120D83PG400Station 400 Cherry Grove Fire PagingFire Dispatch
43851121D83CGFRPAGECherry Grove 1st Responders PagingEMS Dispatch
43861122D83GG500Colfax-Greentwood Twp. Station 500 Fire PagingFire Dispatch
43871123D83PG600AHaring Twp. Station 600 Fire PagingFire Dispatch
43881124D83PG700EManton EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
43891125D83PG800ASpringville Twp. Station 800 PagingFire Dispatch
43901126D83PG900Selma Twp. Station 900 Fire PagingFire Dispatch
43911127D83PG10Wexford Station 10-100 PagingFire Dispatch
43921128D83PG1100South Branch Station 1100 PagingFire Dispatch
43931129D83PGNFEMSNorth Flight City Fire EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
4394112aD83PGCCOFFCadillac City Fire Paging (for personnel)Fire Dispatch
4395112bD83PGCCONCadillac Fire PagingFire Dispatch
4396112cD83PG800200Station 800 and 200 Group PagingFire Dispatch
452211aaD83PAGE1Fire/First Responder PagingEMS Dispatch
452611aeD83FG400Cherry Grove Fire - FiregroundFire-Tac
531614c4D83PG600BHaring Twp. Station 600 PagingFire Dispatch
5434153aD83E911First Responder PagingEMS Dispatch
5435153bD83PAGEWexford Fire PagingFire Dispatch
5436153cD83PG800BSpringville Twp. Station 800 PagingFire Dispatch
5437153dD83FG1Countywide Fireground 1Fire-Tac