Broward County Public Safety

Site: Broward Sheriffs Office

Unique DB ID: 31426
County: Broward

BCP D1 = Sunrise
BCP D2 = Dania Beach,Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Internarional Airport, Port Everglades
BCP D3 = Weston, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches
BCP D4 = Hallandale Beach, West Park, BSO South
BCP D5 = Davie
BCP D6 = Lauderhill
BCP D7 = Lauderdale Lakes, Oakland Park, BSO Central
BCP D8 = Tamarac, North Lauderdale, Parkland
BCP D9 = Deerfield and Marine Patrol
BCP D10 = Miramar
BCP D11 Area 1 = Pompano Beach East, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Sea Ranch Lakes, Lighthouse Point

BCP D11 Area 2 = Pompano Beach West

BCP D12 = BSO Courts and Detention
BCP D13 = Hollywood
BCP D14 = Margate and Coconut Creek
BCP D15 = Pembroke Pines

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 26.1504 Longitude: -80.4831 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100672753TCountywide 1Countywide 1Law Tac
100682754TCountywide 2Countywide 2Law Tac
100692755TCountywide 3Countywide 3Law Tac
100702756TCountywide 4 TacCountywide 4 TacticalLaw Tac
100712757TCountywide 5Countywide 5 - StagingLaw Tac
100722758TCountywide 6Countywide 6 - OperationsLaw Tac
120052ee5TBCP D2 DN/FLL/PEDispatch 2 (2) Dania (3) FLL (14) Port EvergladesLaw Dispatch
120062ee6TBCP D2 TAC 1Dispatch 2 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120072ee7TBCP D2 TAC 2Dispatch 2 Tactical 2 CharlieLaw Tac
120082ee8TBCP D2 TAC 3Dispatch 2 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120092ee9TBCP D2 TAC 4Dispatch 2 Tactical 4 EchoLaw Tac
120102eeaTBCP D3 WS/CCDispatch 3 (8) Weston (16) Cooper CityLaw Dispatch
120112eebTBCP D3 Tac 1Dispatch 3 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120122eecTBCP D3 Tac 2Dispatch 3 Tactical 2 CharlieLaw Tac
120132eedTBCP D3 Tac 3Dispatch 3 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120142eeeTBCP D3 Tac 4Dispatch 3 Tactical 4 EchoLaw Tac
120152eefTBCP D4 HD/PK/WPDispatch 4 (28) Hallandale Beach (1) Pembroke Park (19) West ParkLaw Dispatch
120162ef0TBCP D4 Tac 1Dispatch 4 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120172ef1TBCP D4 Tac 2Dispatch 4 Tactical 2 CharlieLaw Tac
120182ef2TBCP D4 Tac 3Dispatch 4 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120192ef3TBCP D4 Tac 4Dispatch 4 Tactical 4 EchoLaw Tac
120302efeTBCP D7 LL/D5/OPDispatch 7 (4) Lauderdale Lakes (5) Unincorporated West FTL (12) Oakland ParkLaw Dispatch
120312effTBCP D7 Tac 1Dispatch 7 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120322f00TBCP D7 Tac 2Dispatch 7 Tactical 2 Charlie Law Tac
120332f01TBCP D7 Tac 3Dispatch 7 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120342f02TBCP D7 Tac 4Dispatch 7 Tactical 4 EchoLaw Tac
120352f03TBCP D8 TM/NL/PDDispatch 8 (7) Tamarac,(15) North Lauderdale (17) ParklandLaw Dispatch
120362f04TBCP D8 Tac 1Dispatch 8 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120372f05TBCP D8 Tac 2Dispatch 8 Tactical 2 CharlieLaw Tac
120382f06TBCP D8 Tac 3Dispatch 8 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120392f07TBCP D8 Tac 4Dispatch 8 Tactical 4 EchoLaw Tac
120402f08TBCP D9 DR/MARINEDispatch 9 (10) Deerfield Beach, MarineLaw Dispatch
120412f09TBCP D9 Tac 1Dispatch 9 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120422f0aTBCP D9 Tac 2Dispatch 9 Tactical 2 CharlieLaw Tac
120432f0bTBCP D9 Tac 3Dispatch 9 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120442f0cTBCP D9 Tac 4Dispatch 9 Tactical 4 EchoLaw Tac
120502f12TBCP D11 AREA 1Dispatch 11 Area 1 (11) Pompano Beach East (13) LBTS (26) Sea Ranch Lakes (36) Lighthouse Point PDLaw Dispatch
120512f13TBCP D11 AREA 2Dispatch 11 Area 2 (11) Pompano Beach WestLaw Dispatch
120522f14TBCP D11 Tac 1Dispatch 11 Tactical 1 BravoLaw Tac
120532f15TBCP D11 Tac 2Dispatch 11 Tactical 2 CharlieLaw Tac
120542f16TBCP D11 Tac 3Dispatch 11 Tactical 3 DeltaLaw Tac
120552f17TBCP D12 CourtsDispatch 12 Courts and DetentionLaw Tac
120562f18TBCP D12 Tac 1Dispatch 12 Tactical 1Law Tac
120572f19TBCP D12 Tac 2Dispatch 12 Tactical 2 DetentionLaw Tac
120582f1aTBCP D12 Tac 3Dispatch 12 Tactical 3 Emergency Response TeamLaw Tac
121252f5dTBSO INFOInformationLaw Talk
121262f5eTBSO TTY-1Teletype 1Law Talk
121272f5fTBSO TTY-2Teletype 2Law Talk
121362f68TBSO INV InvestigationsLaw Talk
121452f71TEBSO 12145BSO 12145Law Tac
121462f72TEBSO SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
121472f73TEBSO SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac