Site: Collin County Fire

Unique DB ID: 31362
County: Collin

All FDs below are dispatched by Collin SO on Fire Dispatch 1 then switch to their respective Fire Ground (Ops) channel.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.2000 Longitude: -96.5600 Range: 22 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12394d7TCCFD MarshalDispFire Marshal DispatchFire Dispatch
12404d8TCCFD MarshalOps1Fire Marshal Ops 1Fire-Talk
12414d9TCCFD MarshalOps2Fire Marshal Ops 2Fire-Talk
12424daTCCFD Disp 1Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
12434dbTCCFD Disp 2Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
12444dcTCCFD MaydayMaydayFire Dispatch
12454ddTCCFD PagePageFire Dispatch
12464deTCCFD LZ OpsHelicopter LZ OpsEMS-Talk
12474dfTAnna FD 1Anna Fire 1Fire-Tac
12484e0TAnna FD 2Anna Fire 2Fire-Tac
12494e1TAnna FD 3Anna Fire 3Fire-Tac
12504e2TAnna FD OpsAnna Fire OpsFire-Tac
12514e3TBlue Ridge FDBlue Ridge FireFire-Tac
12524e4TBlue Rdg FD OpsBlue Ridge Fire OpsFire-Tac
12534e5TBranch FDBranch FireFire-Tac
12544e6TBranch FD OpsBranch Fire OpsFire-Tac
12554e7TFarmersvilleFD 1Farmersville Fire 1Fire-Tac
12564e8TFarmersvilleFD 2Farmersville Fire 2Fire-Tac
12574e9TFrmrvlle FD OpsFarmersville Fire OpsFire-Tac
12584eaTCelina FD 1Celina Fire 1Fire-Tac
12594ebTCelina FD 2Celina Fire 2Fire-Tac
12604ecTCelina FD 3Celina Fire 3Fire-Tac
12614edTCelina FD 4Celina Fire 4Fire-Tac
12624eeTCelina FD 5Celina Fire 5Fire-Tac
12634efTCelina FD OpsCelina Fire OpsFire-Tac
12644f0TJosephine FDJosephine FireFire-Tac
12654f1TJosephine FD OpsJosephine Fire OpsFire-Tac
12664f2TLavon FDLavon FireFire-Tac
12674f3TLavon FD OpsLavon Fire OpsFire-Tac
12684f4TLowry Xing FDLowry Crossing FireFire-Tac
12694f5TLowry Xing FDOpsLowry Crossing Fire OpsFire-Tac
12704f6TMelissa FD 1Melissa Fire 1Fire-Tac
12714f7TMelissa FD 2Melissa Fire 2Fire-Tac
12724f8TMelissa FD 3Melissa Fire 3Fire-Tac
12734f9TMelissa FD OpsMelissa Fire OpsFire-Tac
12744faTNevada FDNevada FireFire-Tac
12754fbTNevada FD OpsNevada Fire OpsFire-Tac
12764fcTPrinceton FD 1Princeton Fire 1Fire-Tac
12774fdTPrinceton FD 2Princeton Fire 2Fire-Tac
12784feTPrinceton FD 3Princeton Fire 3Fire-Tac
12794ffTPrinceton FD OpsPrinceton Fire OpsFire-Tac
1280500TWestminster FDWestminster FireFire-Tac
1281501TWstmnstr FD OpsWestminster Fire OpsFire-Tac
1282502TWeston FDWeston FireFire-Tac
1283503TWeston FD OpsWeston Fire OpsFire-Tac
1284504TCCFD Train 1Training 1Fire-Tac
1285505TCCFD Train 2Training 2Fire-Tac
1286506TCCFD Train 3Training 3Fire-Tac
1287507TCCFD Train 4Training 4Fire-Tac
1288508TCCFD Train 5Training 5Fire-Tac
1289509TCCFD Train 6Training 6Fire-Tac
129050aTFairview FD BkupFairview Fire BackupFire-Tac
129150bTParker FD BkupParker Fire BackupFire-Tac
129250cTLucas FD BkupLucas Fire BackupFire-Tac
129350dTEMS Med Comms 1EMS to Med Ctr PlanoHospital
129450eTEMS Med Comms 2EMS to HospHospital
129550fTCCFD CommandFire CommandFire-Talk