Clinton County Public Safety

Site: Intersystem/Mutual Aid

Unique DB ID: 3127
County: Clinton

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.9537 Longitude: -84.5979 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27902-027ACar-to-CarCar-to-Car (All agencies)Interop
36902-141AC/W Tac 1Countywide Tac-1Interop
37002-142AC/W Tac 2Countywide Tac-2Interop
37102-143AC/W Tac 3Countywide Tac-3Interop
37202-144AC/W Tac 4Countywide Tac-4Interop
37302-145AC/W Tac 5Countywide Tac-5Interop
37402-146AC/W Tac 6Countywide Tac-6Interop
37502-147AC/W Tac 7Countywide Tac-7Interop
40103-021A33PD911Ingham County DispatchInterop
40203-022A33MPSC1Mutual-Aid Link to MPSCSLaw Dispatch
40303-023A33MPSC2Mutual-Aid Link to MPSCSLaw Dispatch
40403-024AMPSC Event{Link to} MPSCS Event ChannelInterop
40503-025ATri-County Patch{Patch to} Tri-County Police InteropLaw Tac
43303-061ATriCounty MutAidTri-County Mutual AidInterop
43403-062ATri County TAC1Tri-County Tactical 1Interop
43503-063ATri County TAC2Tri-County Tactical 2Interop
43603-064ATri County TAC3Tri-County Tactical 3Interop
43703-065ATri County TAC4Tri-County Tactical 4Interop
56204-062AScene 2Scene 2Interop
56604-066ASearchRescue TACSearch & Rescue Team - TacEmergency Ops
62504-141ATri County FDTri-County Fire Interop PatchFire-Talk
66305-027ATri Mutual Aid 2Tri-County Mutual Aid 2Interop
77006-002APolice/Fire TacPolice / Fire; TacMulti-Tac
77406-006ATriCounty PoliceTriCounty PD PatchLaw Tac
86806-124AEvents 3Events 3Interop
88206-142AEvents 2Events 2Interop
103308-011AEvents 1Events 1Interop
106508-051AAll CarsEmergency Simulcast - All Public Safety UnitsInterop
107308-061AAir PD - InghamCapital City Airport Police - Patch to Ingham Co. TRSLaw Dispatch
140911-001A23PD911{Patch to} Eaton County 911Interop