Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Site: Eaton County (23) Fire/EMS

Unique DB ID: 30003
County: Eaton

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.5999 Longitude: -84.8373 Range: 17.5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113242c3cD23FRXANDRoxand Twp. Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
113252c3dD23PGCFDMCharlotte Fire MFR PagingFire Dispatch
113262c3eD23PGCFDSCharlotte Fire Rescue Squad PagingEMS Dispatch
113272c3fD23PGDTS1Delta Twp. Fire Station 1 PagingFire Dispatch
113282c40D23PGDTS2Delta Twp. Fire Station 2 PagingFire Dispatch
113292c41D23PGDTS3Delta Twp. Fire Station 3 PagingFire Dispatch
113312c43D23PGDTCHDelta Twp. Fire Chief PagingFire Dispatch
113322c44D23PGERFEaton Rapids City/Twp. Fire PagingFire Dispatch
113332c45D23PGERMEaton Rapids City/Twp. MFR PagingFire Dispatch
113342c46D23PGGLFGrand Ledge Fire/EMS Fire PagingFire Dispatch
113352c47D23PGGLEGrand Ledge Fire/EMS EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
113362c48D23PGRXNDRoxand Fire PagingFire Dispatch
113372c49D23PGWTA1Windsor Twp. ES First Out AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
118452e45D23PG911County-Wide All-Call: Severe Weather/Tanker Task ForceFire Dispatch
118462e46D23PGTRNGCounty Pager TrainingFire Dispatch
119082e84D23EEAEMSEaton Area EMSEMS-Talk
119092e85D23FBENTNBenton Twp. Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119102e86D23FBLLVUBellevue Twp. Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119112e87D23FCHRLTCharlotte Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119122e88D23FDELTADelta Twp. Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119132e89D23FERCTYEaton Rapids Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119142e8aD23FERTWPEaton Rapids Twp. Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119152e8bD23FGDLDGGrand Ledge Fire Department Fire-Talk
119162e8cD23FGND3Fireground 3 Roxand, Sunfield, Grand LedgeFire-Tac
119172e8dD23FGND4Fireground 4 Delta, Windsor Twp. Fire-Tac
119182e8eD23FGND5Fireground 5 Bellevue, Olivet, VermontvilleFire-Tac
119192e8fD23FGND6Fireground 6 Charlotte, BentonFire-Tac
119202e90D23FGND7Fireground 7 Eaton Rapids, Eaton Rapids Twp. Hamlin Twp.Fire-Tac
119212e91D23FHMLINHamlin Twp. Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119222e92D23FIREAFire Dispatch Out CountyFire Dispatch
119232e93D23FIREBFire Dispatch Delta, Grand Ledge, WindsorFire Dispatch
119242e94D23FOLVETOlivet Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119262e96D23FSUNFDSunfield Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119272e97D23FVRTVLVermontville Fire DepartmentFire-Talk
119282e98D23FWNDSRWindsor Twp. Emergency Services DepartmentFire-Talk
119382ea2D23PGBLVUBellevue Fire PagingFire Dispatch
119392ea3D23PGBNTNBenton Twp. Fire PagingFire Dispatch
119402ea4D23PGCFDACharlotte Fire All-Call PagingFire Dispatch
119412ea5D23PGDTALDelta Twp. Fire - Off-Duty PagingFire Dispatch
119422ea6D23PGEAMSEaton Area EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
119462eaaD23PGHTFDHamlin Twp. Fire PagingFire Dispatch
119482eacD23PGOFDOlivet Fire PagingFire Dispatch
119502eaeD23PGSFDSunfield Fire PagingFire Dispatch
119512eafD23PGVFDVermontville Fire PagingFire Dispatch
119522eb0D23PGWTALWindsor Twp. ES - All-Call PagingFire Dispatch
1401536bfD23F911Fire Mutual Aid From Out Of CountyFire-Tac
1401936c3D23E911EMS Mutual Aid From Out Of CountyEMS Dispatch