Cobb Regional Radio System

Site: Forsyth County - Sheriff

Unique DB ID: 29773
County: Forsyth

North District is all areas north of Highway 20. South District is all areas south of Highway 20.

The talk groups below are always heard on the Forsyth County Simulcast.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.2220 Longitude: -84.1220 Range: 12.12 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3500588bdDEFCSO SROSchool Resource OfficersLaw Talk
3500788bfDEFCSO-DCSODawson County Sheriff LinkLaw Dispatch
3501088c2DeFCSO Unified CmdUnified CommandLaw Tac
3501188c3DeFCSO-STAGINGStagingLaw Tac
3501288c4DeFCSO-LOGISTICSLogisticsLaw Tac
3501488c6DeFCSO-EVENT 1Events 1Law Tac
3501588c7DeFCSO-EVENT 2Events 2Law Tac
3501688c8DeFCSO-EVENT 3Events 3Law Tac
3501988cbTFCSO PTL 2 SouthPatrol 2 South: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3502988d5TFCSO PTL 1 NorthPatrol 1 North: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3503188d7DeFCSO-SO SWAT MASWAT Mutual AidLaw Tac
3503988dfDFCSO 1 Tac NorthPatrol Tac-1 North TacLaw Tac
352028982DEFCSO ICS 1ICS 1Law Tac
352038983DEFCSO OPS 2Operations 2Law Tac
352048984DeFCSO 2 Tac SouthPatrol Tac-2 South TacLaw Tac
352058985DEFCSO ICS 2ICS 2Law Tac
352078987DEFCSO TrafficTrafficLaw Tac
352088988DEFCSO PACEPro-Active Community EnforcementLaw Talk
352098989DEFCSO NarcoticsNarcoticsLaw Tac
35211898bDEFCSO Jail 11JailCorrections
352178991DEFCSO CourtsCourt SecuritySecurity
352208994DEFCSO WarrantsWarrantsLaw Tac
352218995DEFCSO Jail 21JailCorrections
352228996DEFCSO Jail TacJail TacCorrections