Utah Communications Authority

Site: Salt Lake County

Unique DB ID: 29382
County: Salt Lake

The Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake (UPD) is a police department located in Salt Lake County, Utah. The UPD serves unincorporated Salt Lake County and the communities of Copperton, Holladay, Kearns, Midvale, Magna, MillCreek, Riverton, and Taylorsville. Additionally, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Parleys Canyon, Emigration Canyon, Lambs Canyon, and Butterfield Canyon are policed by UPD's Canyon Patrol. The southeast areas of Willow Canyon, White City, Granite, Sandy Hills, and Willow Creek are also within UPD's jurisdiction. The UPD was formed in 2010 by the Salt Lake County government, the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, and several contributing municipalities. It assumed the policing responsibilities and jurisdictions previously held by the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office.

The Valley Emergency Communications Center dispatches for the following agencies:

Law Enforcement:

Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Murray, South Jordan, South Salt Lake, West Jordan, West Valley


Murray, South Jordan, South Salt Lake, West Jordan, West Valley, Unified Fire Authority, Bluffdale, Cottonwood, Draper, Riverton, Holladay,

Herriman, Taylorsville, Town of Alta*, Town of Copperton*, Town of Granite*, Town of Kearns*, Town of Magna and Town of White City. All agencies starting with Cottonwood are covered by the Unified Fire Authority for fire/EMS.

City Fire Stations/Units:  20s = Draper; 30s = Sandy; 40s = South Salt Lake; 50s = West Jordan; 60s = South Jordan; 70s = West Valley City; 80s = Murray.

UFA Fire Stations/Units:  101 = Millcreek; 102 = Magna; 103 = Herriman; 104 = Holladay (& 204); 106 = Millcreek (East); 107 = Oquirrh Shadows; 108 = Brighton; 109 = Kearns; 110 = Cottonwood Hts (& 210); 111 = Magna; 112 = Millcreek (Olympus Cove); 113 = Snowbird; 115 = Copperton; 116 = Cottonwood Hts (Wasatch); 117 = Taylorsville; 118 = Taylorsville (& 218); 119 = Emigration Canyon; 120 = Riverton; 121 = Riverton; 123 = Herriman (Rosecrest); 124 = Riverton (East); 125 = Midvale (& 225); 126 = Midvale (& 226).

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.6700 Longitude: -111.9100 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2240e0AUPD Tacical 1Unified Police Tactical 1Law Tac
256100AUPD WestUnified Police West Oquirrh DivisionLaw Dispatch
288120AUPD TaylorsvilleUnified Police Taylorsville/Special ServicesLaw Dispatch
320140AUPD EastUnified Police East Wasatch DivisionLaw Dispatch
352160AUPD Request 1Unified Police Request 1Law Talk
384180AUPD Tacical 2Unified Police Tactical 2Law Tac
4161a0AUPD Car/CarUnified Police Car/CarLaw Tac
4481c0ASLSO StatewideSheriff StatewideLaw Talk
4801e0ASLSO DetectivesSheriff DetectivesLaw Talk
512200ASLSO CourtSheriff Court ServicesLaw Talk
544220AUPD MidvalleyUnified Police MidvalleyLaw Dispatch
576240ASLSO CommsSheriff CommunicationsLaw Talk
640280ASLSO Special OpsSheriff Special OperationsLaw Dispatch
1024400AADC Jail 1Adult Detention Center 1Corrections
1152480AUPD/SLCPD LinkUnified Police Salt Lake City Police APB LinkLaw Tac
15045e0AADC Jail 3Adult Detention Center 3Corrections
1536600AADC Jail 4Adult Detention Center 4Corrections
1568620AADC Jail 5Adult Detention Center 5Corrections
1600640AADC Jail 6Adult Detention Center 6Corrections
1632660AADC Jail 7Adult Detention Center 7Corrections
1664680AADC Jail 8Adult Detention Center 8Corrections
16966a0AADC Jail 9Adult Detention Center 9Corrections
17286c0AADC Jail 10Adult Detention Center 10Corrections
17606e0AADC Jail 11Adult Detention Center 11Corrections
1792700ASLCo ACO 1Animal Control 1Public Works
1824720ASLCo MathesonCrtMatheson CourthouseSecurity
1888760ASLCo Event 1Event 1Public Works
1920780ASLCo Event 2Event 2Public Works
19527a0ASLCo Event 3Event 3Public Works
19847c0ASLCo Event 4Event 4Public Works
20167e0ASLCo Event 5Event 5 (often used by Riverton Police, sometimes patched to Herriman & Draper)Public Works
2048800ASLCo Event 6Event 6Public Works
2080820ASLCo Event 7Event 7Public Works
2112840ASLCo Event 8Event 8Public Works
2144860ASLCo Event 9Event 9Public Works
2176880ASLCo Event 10Event 10Public Works
2912b60ASLSO 6 AdminSheriff 6 Admin/InvestigationLaw Talk
2944b80ASLCo ACO 2Animal Control 2Public Works
3008bc0ASLSO TacticalSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
101122780AGt StLake SARGreat Salt Lake Search & RescueEmergency Ops
208005140AVECC Ops 1VECC Ops 1Multi-Tac
208325160AVECC Ops 2VECC Ops 2Multi-Tac
208645180AVECC Ops 3VECC Ops 3Multi-Tac
2089651a0AVECC Ops 4VECC Ops 4Multi-Tac
2092851c0AVECC Ops 5VECC Ops 5Multi-Tac
2096051e0AVECC Ops 6VECC Ops 6Multi-Tac
209925200AVECC Ops 7VECC Ops 7Multi-Tac
210245220AVECC Ops 8VECC Ops 8Multi-Tac
210565240AVECC Ops 9 LEVECC Ops 9 LELaw Tac
210885260AVECC Ops 10VECC Ops 10Multi-Tac
211205280ASLCo EOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
2115252a0AVECC RITVECC Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
2118452c0ASLCo EOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
2121652e0AVECC FD/EMS 1VECC Fire/EMS 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
212485300AVECC FD/EMS 2VECC Fire/EMS 2Fire-Tac
212805320AVECC FD/EMS 3VECC Fire/EMS 3Fire-Tac
213125340AVECC FD/EMS 4VECC Fire/EMS 4Fire-Tac
213445360AVECC FD/EMS 5VECC Fire/EMS 5Fire-Tac
213765380AUFA Tac 7Unified Fire Authority Tactical 7Fire-Tac
2140853a0AUFA Tac 8Unified Fire Authority Tactical 8Fire-Tac
2144053c0AUFA Tac 9Unified Fire Authority Tactical 9Fire-Tac
2147253e0AVECC PD Car1VECC Law Enforcement Car/Car 1Law Tac
215045400AVECC PD Car2VECC Law Enforcement Car/Car 2Law Tac
215365420ASLCo EmergencyEmergency ChannelEmergency Ops
2166454a0AVECC FD/EMS 6VECC Fire/EMS 6Fire-Tac
2169654c0ASLCo EOC FD CarEmergency Operations Center FD Car/CarEmergency Ops
217605500ASLCo FireTraFire Training Car to CarFire-Talk
218565560AUFA Tac 10Unified Fire Authority Tactical 10Fire-Tac
218885580AUFA Tac 11Unified Fire Authority Tactical 11 / StagingFire-Tac
2217656a0AGraniteSchPDGranite School District PoliceLaw Dispatch
223685760AGold Cross EMS 1Gold Cross Ambulance 1EMS Dispatch
232645ae0AVECC PD Srv1VECC Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
232965b00AVECC PD Srv2VECC Law Enforcement 2Law Dispatch
249606180AGranite School 3Granite School District 3Schools
2505661e0AGold Cross EMS 2Gold Cross Ambulance 2EMS Dispatch
250886200AGold Cross EMS 3Gold Cross Ambulance 3EMS Dispatch
251206220AGold Cross EMS 4Gold Cross Ambulance 4 (Washington County)EMS Dispatch
268806900ASLCo Human Serv1Human Services 1 40APublic Works
269126920ASLCo Human Serv2Human Services 2 EmergencyPublic Works