BearCom (Central Texas NexEdge)

Site: Bexar County

Unique DB ID: 27044
County: Bexar

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 29.4233 Longitude: -98.4839 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
260DMetal RecyclingMetal Recycling CompanyBusiness
1001DWhite ConstructWhite Construction (linked to conventional 454.475 RAN 3)Business
1801DWestin RiverWalkWestin RiverWalk Hotel (Dispatch - All Depts)Business
1802DWestin RiverWalkWestin RiverWalk Hotel (Hotel Staff Ops)Business
1803DWestin RiverWalkWestin RiverWalk Hotel (Housekeeping Staff)Business
1804DWestin RiverWalkWestin RiverWalk Hotel (Banquets Staff)Business
4601DHOW Tree ServiceHOW Foundation Tree Trimming ServicesBusiness
10002DSEE BusesSchool of Excellence in Education BusesSchools
16000DBeasley Tire SvcBeasley Retail and Mobile Tire ServiceBusiness
17000DSchool BusSchool BussesTransportation
18000DRepublic TrashRepublic Trash ServicesBusiness
21000DPick-n-Pull TowPick-n-Pull Towing (We Buy Cars)Business
39000DRoadrunner TowRoadrunner Towing & Recovery ServiceBusiness
40001DCornerstone Ch 1Cornerstone Christian Schools (Bus Dispatch)Schools
40002DCornerstone Ch 2Cornerstone Church Parking (Sunday Services)Other
50000DAmVets DonationsAmVets Donations Pickup (Community Thrift Store)Business