United States Air Force (157)

Site: Ellsworth Air Force Base

Unique DB ID: 26406
County: Pennington

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 44.1439 Longitude: -103.0787 Range: 10 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62001f231DEAFB CE ExerciseCivil Engineer Exercise Channel 1Military
62002f232DEAFB CE WorkCivil Engineer Work ChannelMilitary
62003f233DEAFB CE SnowCivil Engineer Snow RemovalMilitary
62004f234DEAFB Disast PrepDisaster PreparednessMilitary
62005f235DEAFB Explos DispExplosive Ordinance DisposalMilitary
62006f236DEAFB Fire AlarmFire Alarm MaintenanceMilitary
62007f237DEAFB Flight OpsFlightline OperationsMilitary
62008f238DEAFB Airfield OpAirfield OperationsMilitary
62009f239DEAFB 37th BombTiger/37th Bomb Squadron MaintenanceMilitary
62010f23aDEAFB 34th BombRaider/34th Bomb Squadron MaintenanceMilitary
62011f23bDEAFB CE ExerciseCivil Engineer Exercise Channel 2Military
62012f23cDEAFB Munition SMunition Storage AreaMilitary
62013f23dDEAFB Munition FMunition FlightlineMilitary
62014f23eDEAFB Aerospace 1Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) 1Military
62015f23fDEAFB Aerospace 2Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) 2Military
62016f240DEAFB Fire OpsBase Fire OperationsMilitary
62017f241DEAFB Fire TacBase Fire TacticalMilitary
62018f242DEAFB AmbulanceAmbulance/Emergency ResponseMilitary
62019f243DEAFB Med GroupMedical Group OperationsMilitary
62020f244DEAFB Sec Force 1Security Forces PrimaryMilitary
62021f245DEAFB Sec Force 2Security Forces SecondaryMilitary
62022f246DEAFB Sec Force ESecurity Forces ExcerciseMilitary
62023f247DEAFB FuelsFuels OperationsMilitary
62024f248DEAFB TransportTransportationMilitary
62025f249DEAFB Mobility ExMobility ExerciseMilitary
62026f24aDEAFB OperationsOperations GroupMilitary
62027f24bDEAFB Command NetCommanders NetMilitary
62031f24fDEAFB ExcerciseExcercise Evaluation Team (EET)Military
62034f252DEAFB Command 1Commanders ChannelMilitary
62035f253DEAFB Command 2Commanders Channel (backup)Military
62036f254DEAFB Comms 1Communications Squadron 1Military
62038f256DEAFB Comms 2Communications Squadron 2Military
62039f257DEAFB 311.000 MHzLink to UHF 311.000 MHz / Safety of FlightMilitary
62040f258DEAFB General NetGeneral Purpose NetMilitary
62041f259DEAFB Land Mob 1Land Mobile Radio (LMR) 1Military
62042f25aDEAFB Land Mob 2Land Mobile Radio (LMR) 2Military
62043f25bDEAFB Base NotifBase Notification SystemMilitary