FleetTalk Carolinas

Site: Unconfirmed Locations

Unique DB ID: 25824
County: Systemwide

Talkgroups in this section have an unknown "home" location. Please listen and submit to what county/city they operate in

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.0566 Longitude: -80.0980 Range: 90 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
156Dtrash 156construction trash service Midlands areaBusiness
165DHilco TransportHilco Transport NCBusiness
335Ddump trucks 335Dump Trucks (SC)Business
356Dconcrete 356Concrete TrucksBusiness
357Dasphalt 357Asphalt HaulingBusiness
388Dambulance 388Private Ambulance Service (SC/NC)Business
591Ddump trucks 591dump trucksBusiness
616DThomas ConcreteThomas ConcreteBusiness
617DThomas Conc 617Thomas Concrete OkatieBusiness
618DThomas Conc 618Thomas ConcreteBusiness
619DThomas Conc 619Thomas ConcreteBusiness
621DThomas Conc 6621Thomas ConcreteBusiness
622DThomas Conc 622Thomas Concrete Horry CoBusiness
625DThomas Conc 625Thomas Concrete Horry CoBusiness
626DThomas Conc 626Thomas Concrete Horry CoBusiness
627DThomas Conc 627Thomas Concrete BlufftonBusiness
628DThomas Conc 628Thomas ConcreteBusiness
630DThomas Conc 630Thomas Concrete FlorenceBusiness