Monterey County

Site: Monterey County Fire

Unique DB ID: 25483
County: Monterey

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 36.1955 Longitude: -121.2067 Range: 62 Type: Inherited (System)


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
257101DMontCoFD DispFire Dispatch (not currently used)Fire-Talk
258102DMontCoFD Cmd31Command 31 - County Dispatch (patched with CMD 31A)Fire Dispatch
259103DMontCoFD Cmd32Command 32 - Salinas/Carmel ValleyFire-Tac
260104DMontCoFD Cmd33Command 33 - Salinas Fire Dispatch (patched with CMD 33A)Fire Dispatch
261105DMontCoFD Cmd34Command 34 - Peninsula AgenciesFire-Tac
262106DMontCoFD Cmd35Command 35 - Peninsula Fire Dispatch (patched with CMD 35A)Fire Dispatch
26710bDMontCoFD Cmd36Command 36 - Countywide SecondaryFire-Tac
273111DMontCoFD Tac71Tac 71Fire-Tac
274112DMontCoFD Tac72Tac 72Fire-Tac
275113DMontCoFD Tac73Tac 73Fire-Tac
276114DMontCoFD Tac74Tac 74Fire-Tac
277115DMontCoFD Tac75Tac 75Fire-Tac
278116DMontCoFD Tac76Tac 76Fire-Tac
656290DMontCoFD OPS52North County Fire District OperationsFire-Tac
6872afDMontCoFD OPS53Salinas Fire OperationsFire-Tac
7182ceDMontCoFD OPS54Marina Fire OperationsFire-Tac
7492edDMontCoFD OPS55Monterey County Regional Fire District OperationsFire-Tac
82733bDMontCoFD OPS62Seaside Fire OperationsFire-Tac
86235eDMontCoFD OPS64Monterey (City) Fire OperationsFire-Tac
9623c2DMontCoFD OPS81Gonzales Fire OperationsFire-Tac
10053edDMontCoFD OPS84Greenfield Fire OperationsFire-Tac
103640cDMontCoFD OPS85King City Fire OperationsFire-Tac