Monroe/Ontario Counties

Site: Monroe County Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Unique DB ID: 24589
County: Monroe

Monroe County contracts with Allied Universal Security to provide security for all county facilities, who are dispatched by Monroe County Monitoring & Response Center "MRC"

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 43.1900 Longitude: -77.6800 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1097449DMC Sec Event TacFacilities Security Event TacSecurity
113546fDMC Sec PrimaryFacilities Security PrimarySecurity
1136470DMC Sec Tac WFacilities Security Tac WestSecurity
1137471DMC Sec Tac EFacilities Security Tac EastSecurity
1138472DMC Sec Tac AllFacilities Security Tac AllSecurity
1139473DMC Sec City PlFacilities Security City PlaceSecurity
1141475DMC Sec MRCFacilities Security Monitoring and Response CenterSecurity
1142476DMC Sec VanLareFacilities Security Van LareSecurity
1143477DMC Sec 8Facilities Security 8Security
1144478DMC Sec 9Facilities Security 9Security
1145479DMC Sec 10Facilities Security 10Security
114647aDMC Sec 11Facilities Security 11Security
116248aDMC OEM PrimaryEmergency Management PrimaryEmergency Ops
116348bDMC OEM CommandEmergency Management CommandEmergency Ops
116748fDMC OEM 7Emergency Management 7Emergency Ops
1168490DMC OEM 8Emergency Management 8Emergency Ops
118149dDMC PSC RadioCtrPublic Safety Comms Primary ("Radio Center")Public Works
118249eDMC PSC TechsPublic Safety Comms Field TechsPublic Works
118349fDMC PSC SupvPublic Safety Comms SupervisorsPublic Works
11844a0DMC PSC MCU 1Mobile Comm Unit (MCU) 1Public Works
11854a1DMC PSC MCU 2Mobile Comm Unit (MCU) 2Public Works
11894a5DMC PSC 9Public Safety Comms 9Public Works
19817bdDMC ECD AdminEmergency Comms Dept AdminPublic Works