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Site: Schools

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County: Systemwide

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Latitude: 40.9821 Longitude: -73.8420 Range: 150 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100170TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
100210TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
100230THndrck Hdsn CSDHendrick Hudson CSD BusesSchools
100280TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
100350TCarmel BusesCarmel CSD BusesSchools
100410TWshtnvl Buses 1Washingtonville CSD Buses Ch 1 (Orange County)Schools
100411TWshtnvl Buses 2Washingtonville CSD Buses Ch 2 (Orange County)Schools
100412TWshtnvl Buses 3Washingtonville CSD Buses Ch 3 (Orange County)Schools
100430TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
100580TAndrus Ch 1Andrus Children's Center Ch 1 (Westchester)Schools
100581TAndrus Ch 2Andrus Children's Center Ch 2 (Westchester)Schools
100582TSchool FacilitySchool FacilitiesSchools
100630TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
100730TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
100950TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Newburgh area)Schools
200001TSchool BusesSchool Buses (NYC)Schools
300500TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Bergen Site)Schools
300900TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
302000TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
304900TSchool BusesSchool Bus (Long Island)Schools
306000TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Orange County)Schools
306020TKJ School BusesKiryas Joel School BusesSchools
306100TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
307300TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
400080TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
500140TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Greene County)Schools
500150TFlorida BusesFlorida School Buses (Orange County)Schools
500200TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Bronx)Schools
500283TFive Star BusFive Star Bus (Chicopee and Western New England)Schools
500460TWrwckVal BusesWarwick Valley School Buses (Orange County)Schools
500480TSchool BusesSchool Bus (Hudson Valley)Schools
500490TSchool BusesSchool BusesSchools
500500T1st StudentFirst Student School Buses (Saugerties)Schools
500520TGoshen Buses 1Goshen CSD Buses Ch 1 (Orange County)Schools
500521TGoshen Buses 2Goshen CSD Buses Ch 2 (Orange County)Schools
500531TFive Star BusFive Star Bus (Barnstable)Schools
500532TFive Star BusFive Star Bus (Dennis Yarmouth Schools)Schools
500690TValley Cnt BusesValley Central School Buses (Orange County)Schools
500710TSchool BusesSchool Bus (Hudson Valley)Schools
600023TEastern Bus NewtEastern Bus Newton MASchools
600024TEastern Bus WellEastern Bus Wellesley MASchools
600026TEastern Bus BilrEastern Bus Billerica MASchools
600027TEastern Bus WaltEastern Bus Waltham MASchools
600110TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Berkshire County)Schools
600200TChatham BusesChatham CSD BusesSchools
700143TCambridge CSDCambridge CSD buses (Washington County, NY)Schools
1020000TRockland BOCESRockland BOCES TransportationSchools
1029000TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Related to 600110)Schools
1053000TRondoutVal BusesRondout Valley CSD BusesSchools
1060000TMonticello CSDMonticello Central School District BusesSchools
1065001TDurham SchdyDurham School Services (Schenectady)Schools
1067001TDurham AlbanyDurham School Services (Albany)Schools
1068001TDurham TroyDurham School Services (Troy)Schools
1069001TDurham WtfrdDurham School Services (Waterford)Schools
1898918TPHCSD BusPocantico Hills Central School BusesSchools
1899512TSchool BusesSchool Buses (Orange County)Schools
1899527TFranklin Twp BOEFranklin Twp BOE (Montauk Transit)Schools
1899599TLivingston BOELivingston BOE BusesSchools
1899674TSayreville BusesSayreville School District BusesSchools
1899727TTewks TransitTewksbury Transit School BusesSchools
1899739TChstnt Rdg TransChestnut Ridge TransportationSchools
1899791TLansingburgh BusLansingburgh School District buses (Troy, NY)Schools
1899802TLakewood BusesLakewood Township School BusesSchools
1899803TLakewood BusesLakewood Twp School BusesSchools
1899874TBethlehem BusesBethlehem CSD BusesSchools
1899934TSRSD BusesSouthern Regional School District BusesSchools
1899935TSRSD BusesSouthern Regional School District BusesSchools