Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T

Site: State Police Special Units

Unique DB ID: 23923
County: Statewide

Security for the Governor is shared by two departments, with overlapping missions and jurisdictions.  Inner perimeter security is handled by plainclothes members of the Indiana State Police with specialized training.  Outer perimeter security as well as security for the Indiana Governor's Mansion and all offices are handled by uniformed and plainclothed members of Indiana Capitol Police.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.6442 Longitude: -86.1436 Range: 165 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1045028d2DISP IIFC OPSIndiana Intelligence Fusion Center Law Tac
1072829e8DeISP CZ DESDrug Enforcement - Central Zone Law Tac
1072929e9DeISP CZ ERTEmergency Response Teams (SWAT) - Central ZoneLaw Tac
1073029eaDISP CZFOPS 1Central Zone Field Operations 1Law Tac
1073129ebDISP CZFOPS 2Central Zone Field Operations 2Law Tac
1073229ecDISP CZ TRAINCentral Zone Training OperationsLaw Talk
1073829f2DEISP GOVSECStatewide Governor's Security Detail (Outside IGC Complex) (See 10724 also)Law Tac
1074529f9DISP INVEST 1Investigations 1Law Tac
1074629faDISP INVEST 2Investigations 2Law Tac
107522a00DISP LOGISTICLogisticsLaw Talk
107582a06DISP MNTN NEngineering North ZoneLaw Talk
107592a07DISP MNTN CEngineering Central ZoneLaw Talk
107602a08DeISP NZ DESDrug Enforcement - North Zone Law Tac
107612a09DeISP NZ ERTEmergency Response Teams (SWAT) - North ZoneLaw Tac
107622a0aDISP NZFOPS 1North Zone Field Operations 1Law Tac
107632a0bDISP NZFOPS 2North Zone Field Operations 2Law Tac
107642a0cDISP NZ TRAINNorth Zone Training OperationsLaw Tac
107802a1cDISP AIR SECTAir UnitsLaw Tac
213625372DISP MNTN SEngineering South ZoneLaw Talk
213685378DeISP SZ DESDrug Enforcement - South Zone Law Tac
213695379DISP SZ ERTEmergency Response Teams (SWAT) - South ZoneLaw Tac
21370537aDISP SZFOPS 1South Zone Field Operations 1Law Tac
21371537bDISP SZFOPS 2South Zone Field Operations 2Law Tac
21372537cDISP SZ TRAINSouth Zone Training OperationsLaw Talk