Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T

Site: Hendricks County (32)

Unique DB ID: 23869
County: Hendricks

Some Hendricks County Law Enforcement Talk Groups will be fully encrypted in the near future!

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.7606 Longitude: -86.5264 Range: 15 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103412865D32P-OPS3County Law Enforcement Operations 3Law Tac
103432867D32P-HQCounty Law Enforcement Headquarters/InformationLaw Talk
103442868D32P-CAR 1County Law Enforcement Car to Car 1Law Talk
103452869D32P-OPS2County Law Enforcement Operations 2Law Tac
10346286aD32P-DSPCounty Law Enforcement DispatchLaw Dispatch
10347286bD32P-OPS4County Law Enforcement Operations 4Law Tac
10348286cD32P-INVCounty Law Enforcement InvestigationsLaw Tac
10349286dD32P-TACCounty Law Enforcement TacticalLaw Tac
10350286eD32-TAC1Countywide Interop 1Interop
10351286fD32-GTAC1Countywide Interop 2Interop
103522870D32P-JAILCounty Jail OperationsCorrections
103532871DE32P-DTFCounty Law Enforcement Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
103542872D32F-ADMINCounty Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
103552873D32-ANIMALCounty Animal ControlLaw Tac
103562874D32-EMACounty EMA OperationsEmergency Ops
103572875D32-DPWNCounty DPW NorthPublic Works
103582876D32-DPWSCounty DPW SouthPublic Works
103592877D32F-DSPCounty Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
103602878D32F-CW1County Fire CommonFire-Tac
103612879D32F-OP1County Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
10362287aD32F-OP2County Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
10363287bD32F-OP3County Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
10364287cD32F-OP4County Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
10365287dD32F-OP5County Fire Operations 5Fire-Tac
10366287eD32F-OP6County Fire Operations 6Fire-Tac
10367287fD32F-OP7County Fire Operations 7Fire-Tac
103682880D32F-OP8County Fire Operations 8Fire-Tac
103692881D32F-TRNCounty Fire TrainingFire-Tac
103702882De32M-HRHEMS to Hendricks Regional ERHospital
103712883D32-SIRENCounty Emergency Warning SirensEmergency Ops
103722884De32M-IUWEMS to IU Health West ERHospital
103732885D32M-HBGEMS to Hendricks Regional Brownsburg ER Hospital
10381288dDE32P-OPS1County Law Enforcement Operations 1Law Tac
1252030e8D32-AQUATICPlainfield Parks and Rec: Richard A Carlucci Recreation and Aquatic CenterPublic Works
1252130e9D32-SPLASHISLNDPlainfield Parks and Rec: Splash IslandPublic Works
1271231a8DE32P-OPSHendricks County Law Enforcement Operations (Secure)Law Tac
1271331a9De32P-DSP2Hendricks County Law Enforcement Dispatch 2 (Secure)Law Dispatch