First Responders Interoperable Radio System Team (FIRST)

Site: Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Unique DB ID: 22267
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.2790 Longitude: -77.0636 Range: 135 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
79011eddTEDHMH SecureSecurePublic Works
79021edeTDHMH HO Reg1HO Region 1Public Works
79031edfTDHMH HO Reg2HO Region 2Public Works
79041ee0TDHMH HO Reg3HO Region 3Public Works
79051ee1TDHMH HailHailPublic Works
79061ee2TDHMH Tac 1Tac 1 (Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center Police)Public Works
79071ee3TDHMH Tac 2Tac 2 (Baltimore Facilities Maintenance)Public Works
79081ee4TDHMH Tac 3Tac 3Public Works
79091ee5TDHMH Tac 4Tac 4Public Works
79101ee6TDHMH FacHailFacility HailPublic Works
79111ee7TDHMH FacReg1Facilities Region 1Public Works
79121ee8TDHMH FacReg2Facilities Region 2Public Works
79131ee9TDHMH FacReg3Facilities Region 3Public Works
79141eeaTDHMH OCMEOffice of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)Public Works
79151eebTDHMH CS Tac1CS Tac 1Public Works
79161eecTDHMH CS Tac2CS Tac 2Public Works
79171eedTDHMH CS Tac3CS Tac 3Public Works
79181eeeTDHMH CmdHailCommand HailPublic Works
79191eefTDHMH CmdTac1Command Tac 1Public Works
79201ef0TDHMH CmdTac2Command Tac 2Public Works
79211ef1TDHMH GenSt1General Staff 1Public Works
79221ef2TDHMH GenSt2General Staff 2Public Works
79231ef3TDHMH GenSt3General Staff 3Public Works
79241ef4TDHMH GenSt4General Staff 4Public Works
79251ef5TDHMH GenSt5General Staff 5Public Works
79271ef7TDHMH Ops T1Ops Tac 1Public Works
79281ef8TDHMH Ops T2Ops Tac 2Public Works
79291ef9TDHMH EMTmHaiEM Team HailPublic Works
79301efaTDHMH EMTmTacEM Team TacPublic Works
79311efbTDHMH SS HailSS HailPublic Works
79321efcTDHMH SSCoordSS CoordinationPublic Works
79331efdTDHMH SS Tac1SS Tac 1Public Works
79341efeTDHMH SS Tac2SS Tac 2Public Works
79351effTDHMH RSS South 1RSS South 1Public Works
79361f00TDHMH UnkHailUnknown HailPublic Works
79371f01TDHMH MDR TacMDR TacPublic Works
79381f02TDHMH R1Region 1Public Works
79391f03TDHMH R2Region 2Public Works
79401f04TDHMH R3Region 3Public Works
79411f05TDHMH R1-2 HDLocal Coordination Region 1-2 Local Health DepartmentsPublic Works
79421f06TDHMH R1-2HosRegion 1-2 HospitalHospital
79431f07TDHMH R1-2AllRegion 1-2 AllPublic Works
79441f08TDHMH R3 LHDRegion 3 Local Health DepartmentsPublic Works
79451f09TDHMH R3 HospRegion 3 HospitalHospital
79461f0aTDHMH R3 AllRegion 3 AllPublic Works
79501f0eTDHMH COVID-19COVID-19 Testing SitesPublic Works
81911fffTDHMH R 1/2 Evt 1Region 1/2 Event 1Public Works
81922000TDHMH R 1/2 Evt 2Region 1/2 Event 2Public Works
81932001TDHMH ClTPrkFacilities - Clifton T. PerkinsPublic Works
81952003TDHMH StckpleDistStockpile DistributionPublic Works
81962004TDHMH SpGrHosp PDSpring Grove Hospital Center PoliceLaw Dispatch
82012009TDHMH 8201Department of Health and Mental HygienePublic Works
8202200aTDHMH 8202Department of Health and Mental HygienePublic Works
8203200bTDHMH Fac R4NFacilities Region 4 NorthPublic Works
8204200cTDHMH 8204Department of Health and Mental HygienePublic Works
8205200dTDHMH RSS 2RSS 2Public Works
8206200eTDHMH R4 NRegion 4 NorthPublic Works
8207200fTDHMH R4 SRegion 4 SouthPublic Works
82082010TDHMH R4 NLHDRegion 4 North Local Health DepartmentsPublic Works
82092011TDHMH R4 NHspRegion 4 North HospitalHospital
82102012TDHMH R4 NAllRegion 4 North AllPublic Works
82112013TDHMH R4 SLHDRegion 4 South Local Health DepartmentsPublic Works
82122014TDHMH R4 SHspRegion 4 South HospitalPublic Works
82132015TDHMH R4 SAllRegion 4 South AllPublic Works
82162018TDHMH Fac R5Facilities Region 5Public Works
82172019TDHMH 8217Department of Health and Mental HygienePublic Works
8218201aTDHMH R5Region 5Public Works
8219201bTDHMH R5 LHDRegion 5 Local Health DepartmentsPublic Works
8220201cTDHMH R5 HospRegion 5 HospitalHospital
8221201dTDHMH R5 AllRegion 5 AllPublic Works
8223201fTDHMH R5 Evt2Region 5 Event 2Public Works