ICORRS (Inter County Regional Radio System)

Site: Somerset Co (56) Emer Mgmt

Unique DB ID: 22140
County: Somerset

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.9771 Longitude: -79.0247 Range: 28.296001341296 Type: Inherited (County)


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1304518DSO EMA Ops 1EMA Operations 1Emergency Ops
1305519DSO EMA Ops 2EMA Operations 2Emergency Ops
130651aDSO EMA Ops 3EMA Operations 3Emergency Ops
130751bDSO 911 Ops 1911 Operations 1Emergency Ops
130851cDSO 911 Ops 2911 Operations 2Emergency Ops
130951dDSO Hazmat 1Hazmat Operations 1Emergency Ops
131051eDSO Hazmat 2Hazmat Operations 2Emergency Ops
131151fDSO WaterRes1Water Rescue Ops 1Emergency Ops
1312520DSO WaterRes2Water Rescue Ops 2Emergency Ops
1313521DSO Search 1Search and Rescue 1Emergency Ops
1314522DSO Search 2Search and Rescue 2Emergency Ops
1315523DSO CART OpsCART Team OpsEmergency Ops
1316524DSO Schools 1Schools Emergency 1Emergency Ops
1317525DSO Schools 2Schools Emergency 2Emergency Ops
1318526DSO CountyEMACounty EMAEmergency Ops
1319527DSO Local EMALocal EMAEmergency Ops