Montgomery County OH

Site: Regional Dispatch Center Fire/EMS/EMA

Unique DB ID: 21970
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.7593 Longitude: -84.2800 Range: 16 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1936790ALOANER 1EMA Loaner Talkgroup (was RP-DISP)Emergency Ops
19687b0ALOANER 2EMA Loaner Talkgroup (was Parks and Recreation)Emergency Ops
20007d0ALOANER 3EMA Loaner Talkgroup (was RP-MAINT)Emergency Ops
20327f0AEOC AMontgomery County EOC Channel AEmergency Ops
2064810AEOC BMontgomery County EOC Channel BEmergency Ops
2160870ALOANER 6EMA Loaner Talkgroup (was RP-CLOUD)Emergency Ops
2192890ALOANER 7EMA Loaner Talkgroup (was RP-DWNTWN)Emergency Ops
2352930AHAZMATHaz-Mat TeamMulti-Tac
2384950AMC-OEMMontgomery County Office of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
46561230AOPS 89Fire Operations OPS 89Fire-Tac
510413f0AOPS 83Fire Operations OPS 83Fire-Tac
51681430AWASH TWPWashington Township Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
52001450AOPS 66Fire Operations OPS 66Fire-Tac
52321470ACEN/WT PD-FDCenterville-Washington Twp PD-FDMulti-Talk
529614b0AOPS 102Fire Operations Overflow Zone 10 OPS 102Fire-Tac
532814d0AOPS 103Fire Operations Overflow Zone 10 OPS 103Fire-Tac
57761690AUSAR 1Urban Search & Rescue 1Emergency Ops
580816b0AOPS 106Fire Operations Overflow Zone 10 OPS 106Fire-Tac
587216f0AOPS 67Fire Operations OPS 67Fire-Tac
59041710AWTFD EMSWashington Township EMSEMS-Tac
59361730AWT FIREWashington Township Fire operationsFire-Talk
59681750AWT COMMONWashington Township CommonMulti-Talk
60001770AWT CITY WDWashington Township Twp/City CommonMulti-Talk
60321790AWTFD CHATTERWashington Township FD ChatterFire-Talk
609617d0AWT TRAIN 1Washington Township Fire TrainingPublic Works
612817f0AWT ADMINWashington Township Township AdministrationPublic Works
638418f0AMEDIC 6CWashington Township EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
76641df0AOPS 85Fire Operations OPS 85Fire-Tac
76961e10AOPS 87Fire Operations OPS 87Fire-Tac
79201ef0AOPS 42/43 ANAnnouncement CallFire-Tac
79521f10AHAR CMNDHarrison Fire CommandFire-Tac
79841f30AHAR ADMNHarrison Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
80161f50AHAR TRAINHarrison Fire TrainingFire-Talk
80801f90AHAR MEDIC 2Harrison EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
81121fb0AHAR SP/EVHarrison Special EventsMulti-Talk
84962130AOPS 105Fire Operations Overflow Zone 10 OPS 105Fire-Tac
894422f0AR3RST-OHSUrban Search & Rescue Region 3 Rescue Strike TeamEmergency Ops
916823d0AMEDIC 8ACounty EMS OperationsFire-Tac
92322410AOPS 80/81 ANBrookville Fire Announcement CallFire-Tac
92642430AOPS 84Fire Operations OPS 84Fire-Tac
93282470AOPS 83/84 ANClayton Fire Announcement CallFire-Tac
93602490AOPS 86Fire Operations OPS 86Fire-Tac
945624f0AOPS 88Fire Operations OPS 88Fire-Tac
112802c10ACO HEALTHHospital Net PrimaryHospital
1249630d0AMEDIC 8CCounty EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
1278431f0ABROOK EVNTBrookville EventsMulti-Talk
128163210AMEDIC 8BCounty EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
129123270AOPS 82Fire Operations OPS 82Fire-Tac
1323233b0AFIRE RDC-1County Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
134243470AJTF ADMINJefferson Township Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
134563490AJTF TRAINJefferson Township Fire TrainingFire-Talk
136483550AFIRE RDC-2County Fire Dispatch (Future Use)Fire Dispatch
136803570AOPS 104Fire Operations Overflow Zone 10 OPS 104Fire-Tac
1374435b0ABFD TRAINBrookville Fire TrainingFire-Talk
1377635d0ABROOKVILLEBrookville Fire Dispatch (Brookville/Phillipsburg/New Lebanon)Fire Dispatch
139523680AJTF PAGEJefferson Township Fire PagingFire Dispatch
1400036b0ATFD TRAIN 1Trotwood Fire Training Ch. 1Fire-Talk
1403236d0ATFD TRAIN 2Trotwood Fire Training Ch. 2Fire-Talk
143843830ADFD PTPatch to Dayton Fire DispatchInterop