Greensboro / Guilford County (Motorola)

Site: Guilford County Sheriff's Office

Unique DB ID: 2196

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 36.0891 Longitude: -79.6454 Range: 28.446994540952 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3824ef0AGSOCOMMONGSO CommonLaw Tac
3920f50AWARRANTGuilford County Warrant Squad (GPD + Sheriff)Law Tac
990426b0APrison OpsPrison Farm OperationsCorrections
993626d0APRISON DETPrison Farm DetentionCorrections
996826f0APRISON ADMNPrison Farm AdministrationCorrections
112482bf0AGCSD DISPGCSO DispatchLaw Dispatch
112802c10AOPS COMMDOPS CommandLaw Tac
113122c30ACAR 2 CARPatrol Car to CarLaw Tac
113442c50AGCSD OPS 1D1Sheriff Dept. OPS 1 D1Law Tac
113762c70AGCSD OPS 2D2Sheriff Dept. OPS 2 D2Law Tac
114082c90AGCSD OPS 3D3Sheriff Dept. OPS 3 D3Law Tac
114402cb0AGCSD OPS 4Sheriff Dept. OPS 4Law Tac
114722cd0AHP DETNIONHP DetentionCorrections
115042cf0ADIV COMMNDDivision CommandCorrections
115362d10ASO COMMNDSheriff CommandLaw Tac
115682d30AGCSD COMMGCSD CommunicationsLaw Tac
116002d50AHP DETHP DetentionCorrections
116322d70AHP DET CMDHP Detention CommandCorrections
116642d90AGSO DETGreensboro DetentionCorrections
116962db0AGSO DET CMDGreensboro Detention CommandCorrections
117282dd0ADET CMDDetention CommandCorrections
117602df0AHP BAILHP BailiffCorrections
117922e10AGSO BAILGreensboro BailiffCorrections
118242e30ASO TRANSPSheriff TransportationLaw Tac
118562e50ACIVIL 1Civil 1 (Warrant Squad)Law Tac
118882e70ACIVIL 2Civil 2 (Warrant Squad)Law Tac
119202e90ACIVL CAR2CARCivil Car to carLaw Tac
119522eb0ACRIM 1Criminal 1Law Tac
119842ed0ACRIM 2Criminal 2Law Tac
120162ef0ACRIM CARCriminal CarLaw Tac
120482f10ALEG COMMNDLegal Process CommandLaw Tac
121122f50AINVESCriminal InvestigationLaw Tac
121442f70AINVESCriminal InvestigationLaw Tac
122082fb0AINV SUR 2Investigations Surveillance 2Law Tac
122402fd0AINVESCriminal InvestigationLaw Tac
122722ff0AINVESCriminal InvestigationLaw Tac
123043010AVCE NARC CMDVice Narc ComdLaw Tac
123363030ADETECTDetectivesLaw Tac
124003070ANARC C2CVice Narc Car To Car 1Law Tac
1249630d0AINTER 1Interdiction 1Law Tac
1252830f0AINTER 2Interdiction 2Law Tac
125603110ASPC INVESSpecial Investigation Units Command (SIU)Law Tac
125923130ASIU CARSIU CarLaw Tac
126243150ASIU SURVSIU SurveillanceLaw Tac
126563170ASO TRAIN 1Sheriff Training 1Law Tac
126883190ASO TRAIN 2Sheriff Training 2Law Tac
1272031b0ASO ERT 1Sheriff ERT #1Law Tac
1275231d0ASO ERT 2Emergency Response Team 2Law Tac
1278431f0AHOSTAGE 1Hostage Negotiations 1Law Tac
128163210AHOSTAGE 2Hostage Negotiations 2Law Tac
128803250ACRT 2Crime Repression Team 2Law Tac
129123270ASHAKEDOWNShakedownLaw Tac
129443290APROBProbationLaw Tac
358568c10DADMIN 2Administration 2Law Tac
377769390DCOMMONCommonLaw Tac
3780893b0DDIV COMMNDDivision CommandLaw Tac
3784093d0DCIV COMMNDCID CommandLaw Tac
3787293f0DEVICE COMMNDVice CommandLaw Tac
379049410DSIU COMMNDSIU CommandLaw Tac
379369430DCID SURV 1CID Surveillance 1Law Tac
379689450DCID 1CID 1Law Tac
380009470DVICE CAR 1Vice Car 1Law Tac
380329490DVICE SURV1Vice Surveillance 1Law Tac
3806494b0DVICE SURV2Vice Surveillance 2Law Tac
3809694d0DCRT 1CRT 1Law Tac
3812894f0DCID OPS 1CID Ops 1Law Tac
381609510DCID OPS 2CID Ops 2Law Tac
381929530DCID OPS 3CID Ops 3Law Tac
382249550DCID OPS 4CID Ops 4Law Tac
3886497d0DGSO ERT 1Emergency Response 1Law Tac
3912098d0DGSO ERT 2Emergency Response 2Law Tac