Greensboro / Guilford County (Motorola)

Site: Guilford County EMS

Unique DB ID: 2192

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 36.0891 Longitude: -79.6454 Range: 28.446994540952 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3632e30AMAST TEAMMedical Assistance Strike TeamEMS-Tac
888022b0AGCEMSDISPGuilford EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
891222d0AGCEMSCOMMGuilford EMS CommonEMS Dispatch
894422f0AGCEMS T1EMS Unit Coordination 1EMS-Talk
89762310AGCEMS T2EMS Unit Coordination 2EMS-Talk
90082330AGCEMS T3EMS Unit Coordination 3EMS-Talk
90402350AGCEMS T4EMS Unit Coordination 4EMS-Talk
90722370AEMS CONE EDEMS Cone Emergency DepartmentHospital
91042390AWESLEY EDEMS Wesley Long Emergency DepartmentHospital
913623b0AWOMENS EDEMS Women's Hospital Emergency DepartmentHospital
916823d0AHPRH EDEMS HPRH High Point Regional EmergencyHospital
920023f0AEMS TAC 1EMS TAC 1EMS-Tac
92322410AHPFD PTCHGC EMS High Point PatchEMS-Tac
92642430AMED CTR HPEMS High Point Med CenterEMS-Tac
92962450AEMS CMNDEMS CommandEMS-Tac
93282470ASTGTRANSStaging and TransportEMS-Tac
93602490ATRIAGETXTriage and TreatmentEMS-Tac
939224b0AEMSSPEC1Special Ops 1EMS-Tac
942424d0AEMSSPEC2Special Ops2EMS-Tac
945624f0AEMS BERTBicycle Emergency Response TeamEMS-Tac
94882510AEMS SERTEMS Special Emergency Responce TeamEMS-Tac
95042520ACARELINK CH2Carelink CH-2EMS-Tac
95202530AEMS HP1HP 1EMS-Tac
95522550ACARELINK 1Carelink 1EMS-Tac
95842570ACARELINK 2Carelink 2EMS-Tac
96162590APTAR 1PTAR 1EMS-Tac
964825b0AEMS OPS 1EMS OPS 1EMS-Tac
968025d0AEMS OPS 2EMS OPS 2EMS-Tac
971225f0AEMS OPS 3EMS OPS 3EMS-Tac
97442610ACONF EMSConference EMSEMS-Tac
97762630AHELO OPSHelo OpsEMS-Tac
98082650AEMSTRAINEMS TrainingEMS-Tac
98402670AEMS COLSMEMS ColisiumEMS-Tac
98722690AEMS TREATMNTEMS TreatmentEMS-Tac
1019227d0AFDHOSPFire Department Hospital PatchHospital
108322a50APTAR2Piedmont Triad Ambulance Rescue 2EMS-Tac
133283410AEMS AlertEMS AlertEMS-Tac
133603430AMCO CONEMedical Control Cone HospitalHospital
133923450AMCO WESLYMedical Control Wesley LongHospital
134243470AMCO HPTMedical Control High PointHospital
139683690AES STAFFEmergency Services StaffEmergency Ops
360808cf0AES ADMINEmergency Services AdminEmergency Ops