Mercer County Interoperable Public Safety Radio System

Site: Interop

Unique DB ID: 20577
County: Mercer

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.2800 Longitude: -74.7150 Range: 13 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31713dDMC OEM CMDCounty Office of Emergency Management - CommandEmergency Ops
31813eDMC OEM RSPCounty Office of Emergency Management - ResponseEmergency Ops
31913fDMC I/O 1Countywide Inter-Op 1Interop
320140DMC I/O 2Countywide Inter-Op 2Interop
321141DMC I/O 3Countywide Inter-Op 3Interop
322142DMC I/O 4Countywide Inter-Op 4Interop
323143DMC I/O 5Countywide Inter-Op 5Interop
324144DMC I/O 6Countywide Inter-Op 6Interop
325145DMC I/O 7Countywide Inter-Op 7Interop
326146DMC I/O 8Countywide Inter-Op 8Interop
327147DMC I/O 9Countywide Inter-Op 9Interop
328148DEMC I/O 10Countywide Inter-Op 10Interop
329149DEMC I/O 11Countywide Inter-Op 11Interop
4189105dDDel River 1Delaware River Inter-Op 1Interop
4191105fDDel River 2Delaware River Inter-Op 2Interop
41931061DDel River 3Delaware River Inter-Op 3Interop
60011771DStateCall 1StateCall 1Interop
60031773DStateCom 2StateCom 2Interop
60051775DStateCom 3StateCom 3Interop
60071777DStateCom 4StateCom 4Interop
60091779DStateCom 5StateCom 5Interop
6011177bDStateCom 6StateCom 6Interop
6013177dDStateCom 7StateCom 7Interop
6015177fDStateCom 8StateCom 8Interop
60171781DStateCom 9StateCom 9Interop
60191783DStateCom 10StateCom 10Interop
60211785DStateCom 11StateCom 11Interop
60231787DStateCom 12StateCom 12Interop
60251789DStateCom 13StateCom 13Interop
6027178bDStateCom 14StateCom 14Interop
6029178dDStateCom 15StateCom 15Interop
64051fa33DMedcom MIC PatchMedcom MIC Radio Network (patch from NJICS)EMS-Talk