Monroe/Ontario Counties

Site: Ontario County Services

Unique DB ID: 20534
County: Ontario

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.8200 Longitude: -77.2700 Range: 21 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
85012135DOC Highway 1Highway 1Public Works
85022136DOC Highway 2Highway 2Public Works
85032137DOC Highway 3Highway 3Public Works
85042138DOC Engineering 1Engineering 1Public Works
85052139DOC Engineering 2Engineering 2Public Works
8506213aDOC Engineering 3Engineering 3Public Works
8507213bDOC Build/Grnds 1Building and Grounds 1Public Works
8508213cDOC Build/Grnds 2Building and Grounds 2Public Works
8509213dDOC Build/Grnds 3Building and Grounds 3Public Works
85282150DOC Highway 4Highway 4Public Works
85302152DOC DPW 5DPW 5Public Works
85312153DOC DPW 6DPW 6Public Works
85322154DOC DPW 7DPW 7Public Works
85332155DOC DPW 8DPW 8Public Works
85342156DOC Parks 1Parks 1Public Works
85352157DOC Parks 2Parks 2Public Works
85362158DOC Parks 3Parks 3Public Works
863621bcDCandga Lk Swr 1Canandaigua Lake Sewer District 1Public Works
863721bdDCandga Lk Swr 2Canandaigua Lake Sewer District 2Public Works
863821beDCandga Lk Swr 3Canandaigua Lake Sewer District 3Public Works
863921bfDHoneoye Lk Swr 1Honeoye Lake Sewer District 1Public Works
864021c0DHoneoye Lk Swr 2Honeoye Lake Sewer District 2Public Works
864121c1DHoneoye Lk Swr 3Honeoye Lake Sewer District 3Public Works