Berks County

Site: County Govt. Services

Unique DB ID: 20068
County: Berks

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.4450 Longitude: -75.9800 Range: 24 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4001fa1TBrks JailCo Jail OperationsCorrections
4002fa2TBrksJail MntCo Jail MaintenanceCorrections
4003fa3TBrksJail SupCo Jail SupervisorsCorrections
4004fa4DEBrksJail ERTCo Jail Emergency Response TeamCorrections
4005fa5TBrksJail CRCCo Community Re-entry CenterCorrections
4006fa6TBrksJail OffCo Jail Offsite OperationsCorrections
4008fa8TBrksHeimSecBerks Heim SecuritySecurity
4009fa9TBrksCoronerCo CoronerLaw Talk
4010faaTBrksCHSecCo Security at Courthouse/Services Center ComplexSecurity
4014faeTBrksMaintDTCo Facilities and Maint. Downtown CampusPublic Works
4015fafTBrksMaintC/WCo Facilities and Maint. CountywidePublic Works
4017fb1TBrks IFSCo Immigration and Family ShelterPublic Works
290107152TBrksCHEmergBerks County Courthouse/Services Center Emergency/Panic SystemSecurity