Allen County P25

Site: County Government Services

Unique DB ID: 19937
County: Allen

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.1306 Longitude: -85.1289 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
822336DAC GOVT 822Government ServicesPublic Works
832340DAC PROBATIONProbation OfficersCorrections
866362DAC GOVT 866Government ServicesPublic Works
10013e9DAC GOVT 1001Government ServicesPublic Works
10023eaDAC HOUSING 3Housing AuthorityPublic Works
10063eeDAC GOVT 1006Government ServicesPublic Works
12124bcDAC PARKS 1212Parks and RecreationPublic Works
12184c2DAC PW LIGHTINGPublic Works - Street LightingPublic Works
12304ceDAC PW STREETSPublic Works - StreetsPublic Works
12344d2DAC PW REFUSEPublic Works - RefusePublic Works
12364d4DAC PW STREETSPublic Works - StreetsPublic Works
12464deDAC PW WATER 1Water Department DispatchPublic Works
12604ecDAC GOVT 1260Government ServicesPublic Works
12664f2DAC PARKS 1266Parks and RecreationPublic Works
12724f8DAC PARKS 1272Parks and RecreationPublic Works
17576ddDAC HOUSING 1Housing Authority 1Public Works
17616e1DAC HOUSING 2Housing Authority 2Public Works
2129851DFWA MAINTAirport MaintenancePublic Works