United States Air Force (157)

Site: Tinker Air Force Base

Unique DB ID: 19879
County: Oklahoma

Tinker Air Force Base is a major U.S. Air Force base, with tenant U.S. Navy and other Department of Defense missions, located in the southeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area, directly south of the suburb of Midwest City, Oklahoma

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 35.4151 Longitude: -97.3858 Range: 15 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51007c73fDETAFB Civil Eng 1Civil Engineering 1Military
51008c740DETAFB Civil Eng 2Civil Engineering 2Military
51010c742DeTAFB CommandPostCommand PostMilitary
51011c743DTAFB GWTraining1Glenwood Training Area 1Military
51012c744DTAFB GWTraining2Glenwood Training Area 2Military
51013c745DTAFB GWTraining3Glenwood Training Area 3Military
51014c746DTAFB GWTraining4Glenwood Training Area 4Military
51017c749DTAFB GWTraining5Glenwood Training Area 5Military
51020c74cDETAFB Fire 1 DispFire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
51021c74dDETAFB Fire Tac 2Fire 2 TacticalFire-Tac
51022c74eDETAFB Fire Tac 3Fire 3 TacicalFire-Tac
51023c74fDETAFB Fire4 TowerFire 4 Tower LinkFire-Tac
51024c750DETAFB FD Station1Fire Station 1Fire-Tac
51025c751DETAFB FD Station2Fire Station 2Fire-Tac
51026c752DETAFB FD Station3Fire Station 3Fire-Tac
51028c754DETAFB Fire 51028Fire Talkgroup 51028Fire-Tac
51029c755DETAFB FireEMS PagFire Paging / EMSMulti-Dispatch
51030c756DeTAFB Security 1Security Forces 1Law Dispatch
51031c757DeTAFB SecuritySecurityLaw Tac
51032c758DeTAFB Security 2Security Forces 2Law Dispatch
51060c774DDISA EscortsDefense Information Systems Agency EscortsMilitary
51061c775DDISA FacilityDefense Information Systems Agency Facility ManagerMilitary
51070c77eDTAFB Ramp NetRamp Net (Tinker Ground)Military
51080c788DTAFB WarehouseWarehouse OperationsMilitary
51090c792DTAFB OHSOffice of Health and SafetyMilitary
51101c79dDeTAFB CargoAir Terminal OperationsMilitary
51120c7b0DeTAFB TransportatTransportationTransportation
51140c7c4DeTAFB 507th ARW507th Air Refueling Wing MaintenanceMilitary
51146c7caDeTAFB 507th ARW507th Air Refueling Wing MaintenanceMilitary
51170c7e2DeTAFB ALC TankerALC Tanker MainenanceMilitary
51171c7e3DeTAFB ALC BomberALC Bomber MaintenanceMilitary
51172c7e4DeTAFB ALC TankerALC Tanker MaintenanceMilitary
51180c7ecDeTAFB FuelsBase FuelsMilitary
51190c7f6DTAFB ALC MoversALC Aircraft MoversMilitary
51194c7faDTAFB 569th AFMC569th Aircraft Maintenance SquadronMilitary
51200c800DTAFB ALC X-RayALC NDI X-Ray TechniciansMilitary
51220c814DTAFB ALC TugsALC Tug DriversMilitary
51240c828DTAFB ALC AGEALC Aerospace Ground Equipment DriversMilitary
51270c846DeTAFB Med ControlMedical ControlEMS Dispatch
51271c847DTAFB Med Group 1Medical Group 1EMS-Tac
51272c848DTAFB Med Group 2Medical Group 2EMS-Tac
51280c850DeTAFB ALC SupervrALC Engine Repair SupervisorsMilitary
51281c851DTAFB ALC MoversALC Engine Parts MoversMilitary
51283c853DTAFB ALC ForklftALC Forklift DriversMilitary
51290c85aDTAFB Navy TACAMONavy E-6A Aircraft MaintenanceMilitary
51293c85dDTAFB Navy TACAMONavy E-6A Aircraft MaintenanceMilitary
51295c85fDTAFB Navy SecureNavy Ramp SecurityLaw Dispatch
51306c86aDTAFB Navy SecureNavy Security TacLaw Tac
51309c86dDTAFB Navy SecureNavy Security TacLaw Tac
51310c86eDETAFB AWACS MaintAWACS MaintenanceMilitary
51311c86fDTAFB AWACS MaintAWACS MaintenanceMilitary
51312c870DTAFB AWACS MaintAWACS MaintenanceMilitary
51313c871DTAFB AWACS MaintAWACS MaintenanceMilitary
51314c872DTAFB AWACS MaintAWACS MaintenanceMilitary
51331c883DETAFB Command NetBase Commanders NetMilitary
51351c897DTAFB 552 ACW Ops552nd Air Control Wing OperationsMilitary
51352c898DTAFB 552 ACW Mob552nd Air Control Wing MobilityMilitary