GCRCN (Greater Cleveland Radio Communications Network)

Site: Cleveland Department of Public Utilities

Unique DB ID: 19662
County: Cuyahoga

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.4536 Longitude: -81.7050 Range: 19.00774476328 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56168db68DCLE Sewer 2Water Pollution Control - Sewers and DrainsPublic Works
56169db69DCLE Sewer 1Water Pollution Control - Sewers and DrainsPublic Works
56172db6cDECLE Wtr 172Division of Water (encrypted)Public Works
56173db6dDCLE Wtr 173Division of Water (encrypted)Public Works
56174db6eDCLE Wtr 174Division of WaterPublic Works
56180db74DCLE WtRepDivision of Water - RepairPublic Works
56181db75DCLE Wtr PermDivision of Water - PermitsPublic Works
56182db76DCLE WtrTrnOnDivision of Water - Turn On ServicePublic Works
56183db77DCLE WtrLnRepDivision of Water - Line RepairPublic Works
56184db78DCLE Wtr TrbDivision of Water - Trouble ServicePublic Works
56186db7aDCLE Wtr 186Division of WaterPublic Works
56187db7bDCLE WatDispDivision of Water - DispatchPublic Works
56188db7cDCLE WtUtlPDDivision of Water - Utilities PolicePublic Works
56189db7dDCLE WtTrnOffDivision of Water - Turn Off ServicePublic Works
56190db7eDCLE WtrLnRprDivision of Water - Line RepairPublic Works
56191db7fDCLE WtrMaintDivision of Water - MaintenancePublic Works
56193db81DCLE WtrVlvDivision of Water - ValvesPublic Works
56195db83DCLE WtrPlantDivision of Water - PlantPublic Works
56196db84DCLE WtrPlntOpsDivision of Water - Plant OperationsPublic Works