East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS)

Site: Alameda County Sheriff

Unique DB ID: 19327
County: Alameda

Dispatch 1 - Eden Township Substation

Dispatch 2 - AC Transit / Children's Hospital / Dublin (7# Units) / Highland Hospital / Oakland Airport (9# Units) / Peralta Community College Distrct

Dispatch 3 - not currently used

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 37.7034 Longitude: -121.9345 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3705e79DACSO Dispatch 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3706e7aDACSO Service 1Service 1Law Tac
3707e7bDACSO Dispatch 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
3708e7cDACSO Service 2Service 2Law Tac
3709e7dDACSO Dispatch 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
3710e7eDACSO Service 3Service 3Law Tac
3711e7fDACSO Tac 7Tac 7Law Tac
3712e80DEACSO Tac 8Tac 8Law Tac
3713e81DEACSO Tac 9Tac 9Law Tac
3714e82DEACSO InvestInvestigationsLaw Talk
3715e83DACSO HighlandHighland HospitalLaw Talk
3719e87DACSO AdminAdministrationLaw Talk
3720e88DACSO Field SvcsField ServicesLaw Talk
3721e89DACSO CoronerCoronerLaw Talk
3722e8aDACSO CivilCivilLaw Talk
3723e8bDACSO TranspTransportationLaw Talk
3724e8cDACSO BailiffBailiffsLaw Tac
3725e8dDACSO Berkeley CHBerkeley CourthouseLaw Tac
3726e8eDACSO Oakland CHOakland CourthouseLaw Tac
3727e8fDACSO Alameda HOJAlameda Hall of Justice CourthouseLaw Tac
3728e90DACSO Hayward HOJHayward Hall of Justice CourthouseLaw Tac
3729e91DACSO Fremont HOJFremont Hall of Justice CourthouseLaw Tac
3730e92DACSO Plesntn HOJPleasanton Hall of Justice CourthouseLaw Tac
3731e93DACSO JJC CHJuvenile Justice Center CourthouseLaw Tac
3733e95DACSO SRJ 1Santa Rita Jail MainCorrections
3734e96DACSO SRJ 2Santa Rita Jail ServiceCorrections
3735e97DACSO SRJ 3Santa Rita Jail Tac 1Corrections
3736e98DACSO SRJ 4Santa Rita Jail Tac 2Corrections
3737e99DACSO SRJ 5Santa Rita Jail Tac 3Corrections
3740e9cDACSO GDDF 1Glenn Dyer Detention Facility MainCorrections
3741e9dDACSO GDDF 2Glenn Dyer Detention Facility ServiceCorrections
3742e9eDACSO GDDF 3Glenn Dyer Detention Facility Tac 1Corrections
3743e9fDACSO GDDF 4Glenn Dyer Detention Facility Tac 2Corrections
3744ea0DACSO GDDF 5Glenn Dyer Detention Facility Tac 3Corrections