San Bernardino County

Site: County Sheriff-Coroner

Unique DB ID: 19013
County: San Bernardino

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 35.0030 Longitude: -116.0596 Range: 120 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2050cdDSBdSD HDDC 3High Desert Detention Center 3Corrections
2070cfDSBdSD HDDC 2High Desert Detention Center 2Corrections
2563a03DESBdSD VCC-1Rancho Cucamonga (Sta 11) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2565a05DESBdSD VCTAC-1Tactical for VCC-1Law Tac
2567a07DESBdSD VCC-2West Foothill (Sta 3) / Chino Hills (Sta 22) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2569a09DESBdSD VCTAC-2Tactical for VCC-2Law Tac
2571a0bDESBdSD VCC-3Central (Sta 1) / Grand Terrace (Sta 12) / Highland (Sta 13) / Loma Linda (Sta 15) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2573a0dDESBdSD VCTAC-3Tactical for VCC-3Law Tac
2575a0fDESBdSD VCC-4Yucaipa (Sta 4/14) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2577a11DESBdSD VCTAC-4Tactical for VCC-4Law Tac
2579a13DESBdSD VCC-5Mountains 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2581a15DESBdSD VCTAC-5Tactical for VCC-5Law Tac
2583a17DESBdSD VCC-6Mountains 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2585a19DESBdSD VCTAC-6Tactical for VCC-6Law Tac
2627a43DESBdSD DCC-1Victor Valley/Adelanto DispatchLaw Dispatch
2629a45DESBdSD DCTAC-1Tactical for DCC-1Law Tac
2631a47DESBdSD DCC-2Victorville (Sta 17) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2633a49DESBdSD DCTAC-2Tactical for DCC-2Law Tac
2635a4bDESBdSD DCC-3Barstow (Sta 8)/Apple Valley (Sta 18) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2637a4dDESBdSD DCTAC-3Tactical for DCC-3Law Tac
2639a4fDESBdSD DCC-4Hesperia (Sta 19) DispatchLaw Dispatch
2641a51DESBdSD DCTAC-4Tactical for DCC-4Law Tac
2643a53DESBdSD DCC-5Morongo Basin 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2645a55DESBdSD DCTAC-5Tactical for DCC-5Law Tac
2647a57DESBdSD DCC-6Morongo Basin 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2649a59DESBdSD DCTAC-6Tactical for DCC-6Law Tac
2651a5bDESBdSD DCC-7Colorado River DispatchLaw Dispatch
2653a5dDESBdSD DCTAC-7Tactical for DCC-7Law Tac
2977ba1DESBdSD HDDC 1High Desert Detention Center 1Corrections
2981ba5DESBdSD CDC 1Central Detention Center 1Corrections
2983ba7DESBdSD CDC 2Central Detention Center 2Corrections
2985ba9DESBdSD GHRC 1Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center 1Corrections
2987babDESBdSD GHRC 2Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center 2Corrections
2997bb5DESBdSD SWAT 1SWAT Ch. 1Law Talk
2999bb7DESBdSD SWAT 2SWAT Ch. 2Law Talk
3001bb9DESBdSD SWAT 3SWAT Ch. 3Law Talk
3003bbbDESBdSD SAR-1Search and Rescue 1Law Talk
3005bbdDESBdSD SAR-2Search and Rescue 2Law Talk
3033bd9DESBdSD SAR-3Search and Rescue 3Law Talk
3035bdbDESBdSD SAR-4Search and Rescue 4Law Talk