Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) (P25)

Site: County Services

Unique DB ID: 18489
County: Orange

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.6697 Longitude: -117.7752 Range: 22 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1320528DEVIOLET-NRegistrar of Voters NorthPublic Works
132252aDEVIOLET-SRegistrar of Voters SouthPublic Works
1938792DOTAPRadio TechsPublic Works
23028feDWEROC 1Water Emergency Response Organization of OCPublic Works
2304900DWEROC 2Water Emergency Response Organization of OCPublic Works
25009c4DACO SIL 1 Animal Control - Silver 1Public Works
25029c6DACO SIL N Animal Control North Tactical Public Works
25049c8DACO SIL S Animal Control South Tactical Public Works
25109ceDOCE SIL1 Environmental HealthPublic Works
25129d0DEMS SIL 1 Health Care Agency.EMS 1Public Works
25149d2DEMS SIL 2Health Care Agency/EMS 2Public Works
25169d4DECHS SIL 1 Correctional HealthPublic Works
25189d6DHCA SIL 1 Health Care AgencyPublic Works
25209d8DOCPW SIL1Public Works - Silver 1Public Works
25229daDOCPW SIL2Public Works - Silver 2Public Works
25249dcDPRK SIL1Park Rangers 1Public Works
25269deDOCPW SIL4Public Works - Silver 4Public Works
25289e0DOCPW SIL5Public Works - Silver 5 Public Works
25309e2DOCPW SIL6Public Works - Silver 6Public Works
25329e4DOCPW SIL3Public Works - Silver 3Public Works
25349e6DROV SIL1Registrar of Voters 1Public Works
25369e8DROV SIL2Registrar of Voters 2Public Works
25389eaDROV SIL3Registrar of Voters 3Public Works
25409ecDCOMMS SIL1Communications - Silver 1Public Works
25429eeDCO COMM SIL2Communications - Silver 2Public Works
25449f0DCO COMM SIL3Communications - Silver 3Public Works
25509f6DCO COMM SIL6Communications - Silver 6Public Works
25529f8DCO COMM SIL8Communications - Silver 8Public Works
25549faDCO COMM SIL9Communications - Silver 9Public Works
2560a00DOCWR SIL1Waste and RecyclingPublic Works
2570a0aDJWA SIL1John Wayne Airport - Silver 1Public Works
2572a0cDJWA SIL2John Wayne Airport - Silver 2Public Works
2574a0eDJWA SIL3John Wayne Airport - Silver 3Public Works
2590a1eDSSA SIL1Social ServicesPublic Works
2600a28DPRK SIL2Park Rangers 2Public Works
2602a2aDPRK SIL3Park Rangers 3Public Works