First Responders Interoperable Radio System Team (FIRST)

Site: Maryland State Police

Unique DB ID: 17809
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.2790 Longitude: -77.0636 Range: 135 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73011c85TMSP NorthernNorthern TroopLaw Dispatch
73021c86TMSP D BelAirBarrack D Bel AirLaw Dispatch
73031c87TMSP F NEBarrack F North EastLaw Dispatch
73041c88TMSP M JFKBarrack M JFKLaw Dispatch
73051c89TEMSP Nthn TacNorthern Troop - TacLaw Tac
73061c8aTEMSP D TacBarrack D Bel Air - TacLaw Tac
73071c8bTEMSP F TacBarrack F North East - TacLaw Tac
73081c8cTEMSP M TacBarrack M JFK - TacLaw Tac
73091c8dTEMSP Nthn CIDNorthern Troop - CIDLaw Tac
73101c8eTEMSP D CIDBarrack D Bel Air - CIDLaw Tac
73111c8fTEMSP F CIDBarrack F North East - CIDLaw Tac
73121c90TEMSP M CIDBarrack M JFK - CIDLaw Tac
73131c91TMSP CentralCentral TroopLaw Dispatch
73141c92TMSP G WmnstrBarrack G WestminsterLaw Dispatch
73151c93TMSP R GldnRgBarrack R Golden RingLaw Dispatch
73161c94TMSP A WaterlooBarrack A WaterlooLaw Dispatch
73181c96TEMSP CntrTrpTCentral Troop - TacLaw Tac
73191c97TEMSP G TacBarrack G Westminster - TacLaw Tac
73201c98TEMSP R TacBarrack R Golden Ring - TacLaw Tac
73211c99TEMSP A TacBarrack A Waterloo - TacLaw Tac
73231c9bTEMSP Cent CIDCentral Troop - CIDLaw Tac
73241c9cTEMSP G CIDBarrack G Westminster - CIDLaw Tac
73251c9dTEMSP R CIDBarrack R Golden Ring - CIDLaw Tac
73261c9eTEMSP A CIDBarrack A Waterloo - CIDLaw Tac
73271c9fTMSP EasternEastern TroopLaw Dispatch
73281ca0TMSP S CntrvlBarrack S CentrevilleLaw Dispatch
73291ca1TMSP I EastonBarrack I EastonLaw Dispatch
73301ca2TMSP E SalisbBarrack E SalisburyLaw Dispatch
73311ca3TMSP V BerlinBarrack V BerlinLaw Dispatch
73321ca4TMSP X PrAnneBarrack X Princess AnneLaw Dispatch
73331ca5TEMSP Estn TacEastern Troop - TacLaw Tac
73341ca6TEMSP S TacBarrack S Centreville - TacLaw Tac
73351ca7TEMSP I TacBarrack I Easton - TacLaw Tac
73361ca8TEMSP E TacBarrack E Salisbury - TacLaw Tac
73371ca9TEMSP V TacBarrack V Berlin - TacLaw Tac
73381caaTEMSP X TacBarrack X Princess Anne - TacLaw Tac
73391cabTEMSP Estn CIDEastern Troop - CIDLaw Tac
73401cacTEMSP S CIDBarrack S Centreville - CIDLaw Tac
73411cadTEMSP I CIDBarrack I Easton - CIDLaw Tac
73421caeTEMSP E CIDBarrack E Salisbury - CIDLaw Tac
73431cafTEMSP V CIDBarrack V Berlin - CIDLaw Tac
73441cb0TEMSP X CIDBarrack X Princess Anne - CIDLaw Tac
73571cbdTMSP SouthernSouthern TroopLaw Dispatch
73581cbeTMSP P/JBarrack P/J Glen Burnie/AnnapolisLaw Dispatch
73621cc2TEMSP Sthn TacSouthern Troop - TacLaw Tac
73631cc3TEMSP P/J TacBarrack P/J Glen Burnie/Annapolis - TacLaw Tac
73671cc7TEMSP Sthn CIDSouthern Troop - CIDLaw Tac
73681cc8TEMSP P/J CIDBarrack P/J Glen Burnie/Annapolis - CIDLaw Tac
73721cccTMSP WesternWestern TroopLaw Dispatch
73731ccdTMSP W McHenryBarrack W McHenryLaw Dispatch
73741cceTMSP C CumberlandBarrack C CumberlandLaw Dispatch
73751ccfTMSP O HagerstownBarrack O HagerstownLaw Dispatch
73761cd0TMSP B FrederickBarrack B FrederickLaw Dispatch
73771cd1TEMSP Western TacWestern Troop - TacLaw Tac
73781cd2TEMSP W TacBarrack W McHenry - TacLaw Tac
73791cd3TEMSP C TacBarrack C Cumberland - TacLaw Tac
73801cd4TEMSP O TacBarrack O Hagerstown - TacLaw Tac
73811cd5TEMSP B TacBarrack B Frederick - TacLaw Tac
73821cd6TEMSP Western CIDWestern Troop - CIDLaw Tac
73831cd7TEMSP W CIDBarrack W McHenry - CIDLaw Tac
73841cd8TEMSP C CIDBarrack C Cumberland - CIDLaw Tac
73851cd9TEMSP O CIDBarrack O Hagerstown - CIDLaw Tac
73861cdaTEMSP B CIDBarrack B Frederick - CIDLaw Tac
73971ce5TMSP Radio ShopRadio ShopPublic Works
73981ce6TEMSP EPSExecutive Protection SectionLaw Tac
74041cecTEMSP PACEPro-Active Criminal Enforcement TeamLaw Tac
74051cedTEMSP Tac 7405TacLaw Tac
74061ceeTEMSP Tac 7406TacLaw Tac
74121cf4TEMD FireMarsh NEOffice of the State Fire Marshal - Northeast Regional OfficeLaw Tac
74131cf5TEMSP Tac 7413TacLaw Tac
74171cf9TEMSP Tac 7417TacLaw Tac
74221cfeTEMSP Tac 7422TacLaw Tac
74231cffTEMSP Tac 7423TacLaw Tac
74261d02TEMSP Tac 7426TacLaw Tac
74291d05TEMSP Tac 7429TacLaw Tac
74301d06TEMSP Tac 7430TacLaw Tac
74321d08TMSP Motor 1Motor 1 (Motorcycle Unit)Law Tac
74421d12TEMSP Tac 7442Tac Law Tac
74481d18TEMSP Tac 7448TacLaw Tac
74521d1cTEMSP Tac 7452TacLaw Tac
74531d1dTEMSP Tac 7453TacLaw Tac
74551d1fTEFIRST StwTchStatewide TechPublic Works
74561d20TEMSP Tac 7456TacLaw Tac
74571d21TEMSP CID EACID EA InteropInterop
74631d27TMSP CommVehCommercial Vehicle Enforcement DivisionLaw Tac
74671d2bTEMSP EPS TacExecutive Protection Section - TacLaw Tac
74691d2dTEMSP STATE TeamSTATE TeamLaw Tac
74911d43TEMSP FireMarsh UEOffice of the State Fire Marshal - Upper Eastern Regional OfficeLaw Tac
74991d4bTEMSP Tac 7499TacLaw Tac