Four County Coastal Bend Interoperational System

Site: Nueces County: Corpus Christi Police

Unique DB ID: 17784
County: Nueces

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 27.7800 Longitude: -97.4000 Range: 12 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13601-010MCCPD SurveillancSurveillanceLaw Tac
27302-021ACCPD Patrol 1 AAdam District, Crime Scene/Identification Division, Driscoll Police, Constable Pct. 1/3/5, NCSO DispatchLaw Dispatch
27402-022ACCPD Patrol 2 DDelta District, Downtown Parking Enforcement, Bike Patrol and Foot Units DispatchLaw Dispatch
27502-023ACCPD Mobile 1 AAdam District Patrol Car to CarLaw Talk
27602-024ACCPD Mobile 2 DDelta District Patrol Car to CarLaw Talk
27702-025ACCPD FIeld SupvPatrol field supervisorsLaw Tac
28502-035ACCPD Parking EnfParking EnforcementLaw Dispatch
28702-037ACCPD ID/CSCrime scene and identification divisionLaw Tac
28902-041ACCPD Patrol 3 CCharlie District, Constable Pct. 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
29002-042ACCPD Patrol 4 BBravo District, North Padre Island Beach Patrol, Constable Pct. 4 DispatchLaw Dispatch
29102-043ACCPD Mobile 3 CCharlie District Patrol Car to CarLaw Talk
29202-044ACCPD Mobile 4 BBravo District Patrol Car to CarLaw Talk
29302-045ACCPD Admin SupvUpper level Patrol Supervisors and admin supervisorsLaw Tac
30502-061ACCPD Traffic DivTraffic DivisionLaw Tac
30602-062DCCPD Spec ServicSpecial Services?Law Tac
30702-063ACCPD Traffic MobTraffic Division car-to-carLaw Tac
32102-081ACCPD Auto TheftAuto Theft/Burglary UnitLaw Tac
33702-101DCCPD Spec ServicSpecial ServicesLaw Tac
33902-103DCCPD Narcotics 1Narcotics 1Law Tac
34902-115DCCPD JET/Gang 2Juvenile Enforcement Team / Gang Units 2Law Tac
35002-116DCCPD JET/Gang 1Juvenile Enforcement Team / Gang Units 1Law Tac
35302-121ACCPD Tac 1Special situations or eventsLaw Tac
35402-122ACCPD Tac 2Corpus Christi: Law Tac
35502-123ACCPD Tac 3Software support for in-car computersLaw Tac
35602-124ACC CITY Tac1Misc City TACLaw Tac
35702-125ACC CITY Tac2Misc City TACLaw Tac
35802-126ACC CITY Tac3Misc City TACLaw Tac
35902-127ACC PD ITSuptInformation Technology MDT SupportLaw Talk
36102-131ACCPD Tac 5Tactical Uniform Division (system 3/TAC-9Law Tac
36202-132ACCPD Tac 6Tactical Uniform Division (system 3/TAC-10Law Tac
38202-156ACCPD Marshal 1City Marshal Service-1Law Dispatch
38302-157ACCPD Marshal 2City Marshal Service-2Law Tac
38503-001ACCPD Info 1Warrant and Registration checksLaw Tac
38603-002ACCPD Info 2Police InformationLaw Talk
38803-004ACCPD Admin 1Aux Services / DARE Program, Crime Watch etcLaw Tac
39003-006DCCPD CIDCriminal InvestigationsLaw Tac
39303-011ACCPD Dive TeamDive TeamLaw Tac
47003-106DESS Tac 1SS Tactical 1Law Tac
47803-116DECCPD-E14EncryptedLaw Tac
73705-121ACCPD SWAT 1ASWAT 1 AnalogLaw Tac
73805-122DCCPD SWAT 1DSWAT 1 DigitalLaw Tac
73905-123DCCPD SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
75305-141DCCPD Vice 2ViceLaw Tac
75405-142MCCPD Narcotics 2Narcotics 2Law Tac