Site: Services

Unique DB ID: 17451
County: Norfolk

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 36.8468 Longitude: -76.2852 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6772a5DNorf WtrEngWater EngineeringPublic Works
6782a6DNorf WtrDistWater DistributionPublic Works
6792a7DNorf WastWtrWaste WaterPublic Works
6802a8DNorf WtrProdWater ProductionPublic Works
6972b9DNorf FacMntFacility MaintenancePublic Works
6992bbDNorf GarageGarage Road ServicePublic Works
7162ccDNorf TrafEn1Traffic Engineering Main (Ch. 1)Public Works
7172cdDNorf StrmWtrStorm Water and Street CleaningPublic Works
7182ceDNorf StrBrdgStreets and BridgesPublic Works
7192cfDNorf WstMgmtWaste ManagementPublic Works
7202d0DNorf SurveysDirector, Engineering, Surveys, DesignPublic Works
7212d1DNorf TrafEn2Traffic Engineering Workgroup (Ch. 2)Public Works
7372e1DNorf CodeInsCode InspectorsPublic Works
7382e2DNorf NEATNeighborhood Environmental Assessment TeamPublic Works
7392e3DNorf ForestForestryPublic Works
7402e4DNorf LifegrdLifeguardsPublic Works
7422e6DNorf ParksParks and Recreation - Sports EventsPublic Works
7592f7DNorf Rad MntRadio MaintenancePublic Works
7602f8DNorf IS CompInformation Systems Computer RepairPublic Works
7612f9DNorf IS NtwkInformation Systems NetworkPublic Works
7622faDNorf ParkEnfParking EnforcementPublic Works
7632fbDNorf HealthPublic Health DepartmentPublic Works
7642fcDNorf VectorVector (mosquito control)Public Works
9403acDNorf Zoo 1Zoo Operations 1Public Works
9413adDNorf Zoo 2Zoo Guest Relations 2Public Works
9423aeDNorf Zoo 3Zoo Operations 3Public Works
9593bfDNorf Scope 1Scope Security & Operations 1Public Works
9603c0DNorf Scope 2Scope Operations 2Public Works
9613c1DNorf Scope 3Scope/Chrysler Hall Ops 3Public Works
9623c2DNorf SpEvtSpecial EventsPublic Works