Massachusetts State Police

Site: Boston

Unique DB ID: 17440
County: Suffolk

 Boston city services are primarily heard on Site 1 (Zone 1). Fire and Police are still conventional and listed on the Suffolk County Database Page

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.3492 Longitude: -71.0822 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45168b070ACitywide 1Boston Citywide 1Interop
45200b090ACitywide 2Boston Citywide 2Interop
45232b0b0ACitywide 3Boston Citywide 3Interop
45264b0d0ACitywide 4Boston Citywide 4Interop
46640b630ABos Pub Fac1Boston Public FacilitiesPublic Works
46672b650ABos Pub Fac2Boston Public FacilitiesPublic Works
46704b670ABos Pub Fac3Boston Public FacilitiesPublic Works
47120b810ABos ParksBoston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
47152b830ABos ParksBoston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
47184b850ABos ParksBoston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
47216b870ABos ParksBoston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
47248b890ABos ParksBoston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
47280b8b0ABos ParksBoston Parks DepartmentPublic Works
47664ba30ABosElderAfBoston Elder Affairs - Transport VansPublic Works
47696ba50ABosElderAffBoston Elder AffairsPublic Works
47888bb10ABosTransDep1Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
47920bb30ABosTransDep2Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
47952bb50ABosTransDep3Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
47984bb70ABosTransDep4Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
48016bb90ABosTransDep5Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
48048bbb0ABosTransDep6Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
48080bbd0ABosTransDep7Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
48112bbf0ABosTransDep8Boston Transportation DepartmentTransportation
48176bc30ABoston DPW1Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48208bc50ABoston DPW2Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48240bc70ABoston DPW3Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48272bc90ABoston DPW4Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48304bcb0ABoston DPW5Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48336bcd0ABoston DPW6Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48368bcf0ABoston DPW7Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48400bd10ABoston DPW8Boston Department of Public WorksPublic Works
48528bd90ABosPubHlth1Boston Public Health DepartmentPublic Works
48560bdb0ABosPubHlth2Boston Public Health DepartmentPublic Works
48592bdd0ABosPubHlth3Boston Public Health DepartmentPublic Works
48656be10ABosPubHlth4Boston Public Health DepartmentPublic Works
48752be70ABosPubHlth5Boston Public Health DepartmentPublic Works
49200c030ABostonFDBoston FD Primary - CrosspatchInterop
49232c050ABostonFDF2XPBoston Fire - CH 2 - CrosspatchInterop
49264c070ABostonFDF3XPBoston Fire - CH 3 - CrosspatchInterop
49296c090ABostonFDF4XPBoston Fire - CH 4 - CrosspatchInterop
50192c410ABoston TechBoston Radio TechsPublic Works
50256c450ABosAW4Boston Areawide 4Interop
50800c670ABostonPDACBoston Police "All Channels" DispatchLaw Talk