Norfolk Public Safety (VA)

Site: Fire/EMS

Unique DB ID: 17244
County: Norfolk

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 36.8468 Longitude: -76.2852 Range: 25 Type: Inherited (System)


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
646286DNFD DispDispatchFire Dispatch
647287DNFD Tac 2Tac-2 (EMS Ops)EMS-Tac
648288DNFD Tac 3Tac-3Fire-Tac
649289DNFD Tac 4Tac-4Fire-Tac
65028aDNFD Tac 5Tac-5Fire-Tac
65128bDNFD Tac 6Tac-6 (Mutual Aid-Airport/Interstate)Fire-Tac
65228cDNFD Tac 7Tac-7 (Special Events)Fire-Tac
65328dDNFD AlertingAlertingData
65428eDNFD Tac 8Tac-8Fire-Tac
65528fDNFD Tac 9Tac-9Fire-Tac
656290DNFD Tac 10Tac-10Fire-Tac
657291DNFD Tac 11Tac-11Fire-Tac
658292DNFD CHKDChildren's Hospital of the King's DaughtersHospital
659293DNFD DePaulDePaul HospitalHospital
660294DNFD LeighLeigh Memorial HospitalHospital
661295DNFD NorfGenSentara Norfolk General HospitalHospital