STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois

Site: Cook County Sheriff's Department

Unique DB ID: 15716
County: Cook

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.9145 Longitude: -87.6819 Range: 33 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24975618fDECCS WeatherWeather AlertsEmergency Ops
2500061a8DECCS 103rd103rd ???Law Tac
2500161a9DECCS AcademyAcademyLaw Talk
2500261aaDECCS Admin-CourtAdmin - CourtLaw Tac
2500361abDECCS Admin-JailAdmin - JailCorrections
2500461acDECCS Admin 1Admin 1Law Tac
2500561adDECCS Ops 25005OperationsLaw Tac
2500661aeDECCS Adult ProbatAdult ProbationLaw Tac
2500761afDECCS Ops 25007OperationsLaw Tac
2500861b0DECCS Ops 25008OperationsLaw Tac
2500961b1TECCS SouthComSouthComLaw Dispatch
2501061b2DECCS Bomb Squad NBomb Squad: NorthLaw Tac
2501161b3DECCS Bomb Squad SBomb Squad: SouthLaw Tac
2501261b4DECCS Bridgw CourtBridgeview CourtLaw Talk
2501361b5DECCS BureauBureau(?)Law Tac
2501461b6DECCS Callbox 1NCallbox 1: NorthLaw Talk
2501561b7DECCS Callbox 1SCallbox 1: SouthLaw Talk
2501661b8DECCS Callbox 2NCallbox 2: NorthLaw Talk
2501761b9DECCS Callbox 2SCallbox 2: SouthLaw Talk
2501861baDECCS Chicago 1Chicago 1Law Talk
2501961bbDCCS Chicago 2Chicago 2Law Talk
2502061bcDECCS CDPHCounty Department of Public HealthPublic Works
2502161bdDECCS Mutual Aid-NMutual Aid - NorthInterop
2502261beDECCS Mutual Aid-SMutual Aid - SouthInterop
2502361bfDECCS Tac 1County Tac 1Law Tac
2502461c0DECCS Tac 2County Tac 2Law Tac
2502561c1DECCS Countywide 1Countywide 1Law Tac
2502661c2DECCS Countywide 2Countywide 2Law Tac
2502761c3DECCS Countywide 3Countywide 3Law Tac
2502861c4DECCS Countywide 4Countywide 4Law Tac
2502961c5DECCS Countywide 5Countywide 5Law Tac
2503061c6DECCS Countywide 6Countywide 6Law Tac
2503161c7DECCS DaleyCenterDaley Center OpsSecurity
2503261c8DECCS NWCDSNorthwest Central Dispatch System (NWCDS)Law Talk
2503361c9DECCS SSERTSouth Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT)Law Tac
2503461caDECCS TEL-CWTEL-CW (?)Law Talk
2503561cbDECCS DispatchDispatch (TG 36)Law Dispatch
2503661ccDECCS DomesticDomestic (?)Law Talk
2503761cdDECCS ERTEmergency Response Team (ERT)Law Tac
2503861ceDECCS FPD AdmnForest Preserve District AdminPublic Works
2503961cfDECCS FPD IAD-NForest Preserve District Internal Affairs Division - NorthLaw Talk
2504061d0DECCS FPD IAD-SForest Preserve District Internal Affairs Division - SouthLaw Talk
2504161d1DECCS Fugitive-NFugitive - NorthLaw Tac
2504261d2DECCS Fugitive-SFugitive - SouthLaw Tac
2504361d3DECCS Gangs C/WGangs CountywideLaw Tac
2504461d4DECCS HarrisonHarrison (?)Law Talk
2504561d5DECCS HBT NorthHostage Barricade Team - NorthLaw Tac
2504661d6DECCS HBT SouthHostage Barricade Team - SouthLaw Tac
2504761d7DECCS HID Jl NorthHID(?) Jail - NorthCorrections
2504861d8DECCS HID Jl SouthHID(?) Jail - SouthCorrections
2504961d9DECC Highway NHighway Dept - North D1 Schaumburg, D2 Des PlainesPublic Works
2505061daDECC Highway SHighway Dept - South D4 Orland Pk, D5 RiverdalePublic Works
2505161dbDECCS Hot Mot NHot Mot(?) - NorthLaw Talk
2505261dcDECCS Hot Mot SHot Mot(?) - SouthPublic Works
2505361ddDECCS IADInternal Affairs DivisionLaw Tac
2505461deDECCS IAD CourtInternal Affairs Division: CourtLaw Tac
2505561dfDECCS IAD DCSIInternal Affairs Division: Dept. of Community Supervision and InterventionLaw Tac
2505661e0DECCS IAD DOCInternal Affairs Division: Department of CorrectionsLaw Tac
2505761e1DECCS IAD PoliceInternal Affairs Division: PoliceLaw Tac
2505861e2DECCS InspectionInspectionLaw Talk
2505961e3DECCS Interop 1Interop 1Interop
2506061e4DECCS Interop 2Interop 2Interop
2506161e5DECCS Interop 3Interop 3Interop
2506261e6DECCS Investgtns-NInvestigations - NorthLaw Tac
2506361e7DECCS Investgtns-SInvestigations - SouthLaw Tac
2506461e8DECCS JDTC 1Juvenile Temporary Detention CenterCorrections
2506561e9DECCS Juven ProbJuvenile ProbationLaw Talk
2506661eaDECCS Juven CourtJuvenile CourtLaw Talk
2506761ebDECCS Markhm CourtMarkham CourtLaw Talk
2506861ecDECCS Maywod CourtMaywood CourtLaw Dispatch
2506961edDECCS MedExaminerMedical ExaminerEmergency Ops
2507061eeDECCS 25070Talkgroup 23Law Talk
2507161efDECCS NarcGangs CWNarcotics Gangs CountywideLaw Tac
2507261f0DECCS Narcotics CWNarcotics CountywideLaw Tac
2507361f1DECCS Net 8Net 8 (Dixmoor PD, others?)Law Dispatch
2507461f2DECCS North GangsNNorth Gangs - NorthLaw Tac
2507561f3DECCS North GangsSNorth Gangs - SouthLaw Tac
2507661f4DECCS North Narc NNorth Narcotics - NorthLaw Tac
2507761f5DECCS North Narc SNorth Narcotics - SouthLaw Tac
2507861f6DECCS North Ops 1North Operations 1Law Talk
2507961f7DECCS North Ops 2North Operations 2Law Talk
2508061f8DECCS North Ops 3North Operations 3Law Talk
2508161f9DECCS North Tact 1North Tactical 1Law Talk
2508261faDECCS North Tact 2North Tactical 2Law Tac
2508361fbDECCS 25083OperationsLaw Tac
2508461fcDECCS 25084OperationsLaw Talk
2508561fdDECCS 25085OperationsLaw Talk
2508661feDECCS Patrol NorthPatrol - NorthLaw Dispatch
2508761ffDECCS Patrol SouthPatrol - SouthLaw Dispatch
250886200DECCS PC NorthPC - NorthLaw Dispatch
250896201DECCS PC SouthPC - SouthLaw Dispatch
250906202DECCS Radio 1Radio 1Law Dispatch
250916203DECCS Radio 3Radio 3Law Talk
250926204DECCS Reed CenterReed CenterLaw Talk
250936205DECCS RMdws CourtRolling Meadows CourtLaw Dispatch
250946206DECCS SA TS CWStates Attorney Office 26th TS-CountywideLaw Tac
250956207DECCS SA TS NStates Attorney 26th TS - NorthLaw Tac
250966208DECCS SA TS SStates Attorney 26th TS - SouthLaw Tac
250976209DECCS SA NSFCWStates Attorney NSF - CountywideLaw Tac
25098620aDECCS SA NSF NStates Attorney NSF - NorthLaw Tac
25099620bDECCS SA NSF SStates Attorney NSF - SouthLaw Tac
25100620cDECCS SA SECCWStates Attorney SEC Det - CountywideLaw Tac
25101620dDECCS SA SP 1NStates Attorney SP Operations 1 - NorthLaw Tac
25102620eDECCS SA SP 1SStates Attorney SP Operations 1 - SouthLaw Tac
25103620fDECCS SA Ops2NStates Attorney SP Operations 2 - NorthLaw Tac
251046210DECCS SA Ops2SStates Attorney SP Operations 2 - SouthLaw Tac
251056211DECCS Skokie CourtSkokie CourtLaw Talk
251066212DECCS Cntrl Gang NCentral Gangs - NorthLaw Tac
251076213DECCS Cntrl Gang SCentral Gangs - SouthLaw Dispatch
251086214DECCS S Gangs NSouth Gangs - NorthLaw Tac
251096215DECCS S GangsSSouth Gangs - SouthLaw Tac
251106216DECCS S NarcoticsNSouth Narcotics - NorthLaw Tac
251116217DECCS S NarcoticsSSouth Narcotics - SouthLaw Dispatch
251126218DECCS South Ops 1South Operations 1Law Dispatch
251136219DECCS South Ops 2South Operations 2Law Talk
25114621aDECCS South Tac 1South Tactical 1Law Tac
25115621bDECCS South Tac 2South Tactical 2Law Tac
25116621cDECCS SpecialOps NSpecial Operations - NorthLaw Tac
25117621dDECCS SpecialOps SSpecial Operations - SouthLaw Tac
25118621eDECCS Ops 25118OperationsLaw Talk
25119621fDECCS Ops 25119OperationsLaw Talk
251206220DECCS TrafficNorthTraffic - NorthLaw Talk
251216221DECCS TrafficSouthTraffic - SouthLaw Talk
251226222DECCS VehicleSrvcsVehicle ServicesLaw Talk
251236223DECCS WomenJusticeWomens JusticeLaw Talk
251246224DEChicagoHeightsPDChicago Heights Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
251256225DEDes Plaines PDDes Plaines Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
251266226DECCS E-Com LawE-Com Law: DispatchLaw Dispatch
251276227DECCS DEMRSDepartment of Emergency Management and Regional SecurityEmergency Ops
251286228DECCS Executive 1Executive 1Public Works
251296229TECook Metro NorthPark Ridge Police: Dispatch (db Cook County Sheriff)Law Dispatch
25130622aDECCS Ops 25130OperationsLaw Talk
25131622bDECCS Ops 25131OperationsLaw Talk
25132622cDENiles PoliceNiles Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
25133622dTEWC3 NearWest800Brookfield, McCook, North Riverside and Riverside PDs: DispatchLaw Dispatch
25134622eDECCS Ops 25134OperationsLaw Talk
25135622fDECCS Ops 25135OperationsLaw Talk
251366230DECCS Ops 25136OperationsLaw Talk
251376231DECCS ISPERN PatchISPERN PatchLaw Dispatch
251386232DECCS Ops 25138OperationsLaw Talk
251396233DECCS Ops 25139OperationsLaw Talk
251406234DECCS Ops 25140OperationsLaw Talk
251416235DECCS Ops 25141OperationsLaw Talk
251426236DECCS Ops 25142OperationsLaw Talk
251436237DECCS Ops 25143OperationsLaw Talk
251446238DEElmwood Pk PDElmwood Park PD: Dispatch (db West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center)Law Talk
251456239DECCS Ops 25145OperationsLaw Talk
25146623aDECCS Ops 25146OperationsLaw Talk
25147623bDECCS Ops 25147OperationsLaw Talk
25148623cDECCS Ops 25148OperationsLaw Talk
25149623dDECCS Ops 25149OperationsLaw Talk
25150623eDECCS Ops 25150OperationsLaw Talk
25151623fDECCS Ops 25151OperationsLaw Talk
251526240DECCS Ops 25152OperationsLaw Talk
251536241DECCS Ops 25153OperationsLaw Talk
251546242DECCS Ops 25154OperationsLaw Talk
251556243DCCS Ops 25155OperationsLaw Talk
251566244DECCS Ops 25156OperationsLaw Talk
251576245DECCS Ops 25157OperationsLaw Talk
251586246DECCS Ops 25158OperationsLaw Talk
251596247DECCS Ops 25159OperationsLaw Talk
251606248DECCS Ops 25160OperationsLaw Talk
251616249DECCS Ops 25161OperationsLaw Talk
25162624aDECCS Ops 25162OperationsLaw Talk
25163624bDECCS Ops 25163OperationsLaw Talk
25164624cDECCS Ops 25164OperationsLaw Talk
25165624dDECCS Ops 25165OperationsLaw Talk
25166624eDECCS Ops 25166OperationsLaw Talk
25167624fDECCS Ops 25167OperationsLaw Talk
251686250DECCS Ops 25168OperationsLaw Talk
251696251DECCS Ops 25169OperationsLaw Talk
251706252DECCS Ops 25170OperationsLaw Talk
251716253DECCS Ops 25171OperationsLaw Talk
251726254DECCS Ops 25172OperationsLaw Talk
251736255DECCS Ops 25173OperationsLaw Talk
251746256DECCS Ops 25174OperationsLaw Talk
251756257DECCS Ops 25175OperationsLaw Talk
251766258DECCS Ops 25176OperationsLaw Talk
251776259DECCS Ops 25177OperationsLaw Talk
25178625aDECCS Ops 25178OperationsLaw Talk
25179625bDECCS Ops 25179OperationsLaw Talk
25180625cDECCS Ops 25180OperationsLaw Talk
25181625dDECCS Ops 25181OperationsLaw Talk
25182625eDECCS Ops 25182OperationsLaw Talk
25183625fDECCS Ops 25183OperationsLaw Talk
251846260DECCS Ops 25184OperationsLaw Talk
251856261TECCS Statewide 1Statewide 1Law Talk
251866262TECCS Statewide 2Statewide 2Law Talk
251876263DECCS Ops 25187Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
251906266DECCS Ops 25190Operations (Courts or Jal - 26th / California?)Law Talk
251916267DECCS Ops 25191Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
251926268DECCS Ops 25192Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
25194626aDECCS Ops 25194Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
25195626bDECCS Ops 25195Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
25196626cDECCS Ops 25196Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
25197626dDECCS Ops 25197Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
252016271DECCS Ops 25201Operations (Courts or Jail - 26th / California?)Law Talk
252026272DCCS 25202OperationsLaw Talk
25229628dDECCS Ops 25229OperationsLaw Talk
252336291DECCS Ops 25233OperationsLaw Dispatch
252346292DECCS Ops 25234OperationsLaw Dispatch
25244629cTCCS Ops 25244OperationsLaw Talk
297347426DECCS Ops 29734OperationsLaw Dispatch
298457495DECCS Ops 29845OperationsLaw Dispatch
2991974dfDECCS Ops 29919OperationsLaw Dispatch