Anne Arundel County (P16)

Site: Services

Unique DB ID: 1458
County: Anne Arundel

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.9730 Longitude: -76.5580 Range: 19 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2992bb0AAA 13O Emrg13O Emergency Communications to DispatchCorrections
481612d0AAA 20A Road Mnt20A Public Works - Road MaintenancePublic Works
484812f0AAA 20B Eng20B Public Works - EngineersPublic Works
48801310AAA 20C WatTrnoff20C Public Works - Water Service TurnoffsPublic Works
49121330AAA 20D WatSubst20D Public Works - Water/Sewer SubstationsPublic Works
49441350AAA 20E WatrLnMnt20E Public Works - Water Line MaintenancePublic Works
49761370AAA 20F BulkTrash20F Public Works - Bulk Trash and ContainersPublic Works
504013b0AAA 20H Insp20H Inspections and Permits - MainPublic Works
507213d0AAA 20I Zone20I Inspections and Permits - Zoning EnforcementPublic Works
510413f0AAA 20J InspM20J Inspections and Permits - Meet MePublic Works
51361410AAA 20K FacMn20K Public Works - Facilites ManagementPublic Works
52001450AAA 20M FltMn20M Public Works - Fleet ManagementPublic Works
52641490AAA 20O Meet20O Meet MePublic Works
529614b0AAA 20P Emrg20P EmergencyPublic Works
532814d0AAA 21A Park121A Park Ops 1Public Works
536014f0AAA 21B Park221B Park Ops 2Public Works
54241530AAA 21D Hlth21D Health DepartmentPublic Works
54561550AAA 21E Park321E Park Ops 3Public Works
54881570AAA 21F Aging21F Aging and Disabilities TransportationPublic Works
555215b0AAA 21H EOC Adm21H Emergency Operations Center AdminEmergency Ops
558415d0AAA 21I EOC Ops21I Emergency Operations Center OpsEmergency Ops
68641ad0AAA RadMntAnalog1Radio Maintenance Analog 1Public Works
68961af0AAA RadMntAnalog2Radio Maintenance Analog 2Public Works
183204790DAA 22O CmTch22O Communication TechsPublic Works
1835247b0DAA 22P Telecom22P TelecommunicationsPublic Works
368488ff0DAA Landfill 1Landfill 1 (Millersville Landfill and Recovery Facility)Public Works
369769070DAA Landfill 2Landfill 2 (Millersville Central Recycling Center)Public Works
370089090DAA Landfill 3Landfill 3Public Works
3704090b0DAA-Annap CERT 1Anne Arundel-Annapolis Community Emergency Response Team 1 (Tac)Emergency Ops
3707290d0DAA-Annap CERT 2Anne Arundel-Annapolis Community Emergency Response Team 2 (Admin/Tac)Emergency Ops