Anne Arundel County (P16)

Site: Fire/EMS

Unique DB ID: 1455
County: Anne Arundel

1O - Talkgroup 9003 on the Prince George's County trunked system (known as AAFD "Wayson's Channel"). Usage is per incident as command on the incident directs. When activated, all AAFD portable radios on the incident are directed to switch their portable radios to 1O, and AAFD dispatch (Fire Alarm) makes a patch from the PGFD talkgroup (9003) to the AAFD assigned talkgroup.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.9730 Longitude: -76.5580 Range: 19 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010AAAFD 1A Disp1A DispatchFire Dispatch
48030AAAFD 1B MedN1B Medical/Local North (1st/2nd Battalions)Fire-Tac
80050AAAFD 1C MedS1C Medical/Local South (3rd/4th Battalions/Annapolis)Fire-Tac
112070AAAFD 1D Cmd1D CommandFire-Tac
144090AAAFD 1E BoxN1E Fire/Rescue/HazMat Box NorthFire-Tac
1760b0AAAFD 1F BoxN1F Fire/Rescue/HazMat Box NorthFire-Tac
2080d0AAAFD 1G StgN1G Staging NorthFire-Tac
2400f0AAAFD 1H LclN1H Local Alarm NorthFire-Tac
272110AAAFD 1I LclS1I Local Alarm SouthFire-Tac
304130AAAFD 1J SpOp1J Special OperationsFire-Tac
336150AAAFD 1K BoxS1K Fire/Rescue/HazMat Box SouthFire-Tac
368170AAAFD 1L BoxS1L Fire/Rescue/HazMat Box SouthFire-Tac
400190AAAFD 1M StgS1M Staging SouthFire-Tac
4321b0AAAFD 1N Adm1N AdminFire-Talk
4641d0AAAFD 3P FD/PD3P Fire/Police MeetInterop
4961f0AAAFD 3H Call 13H EMRC Call 1Hospital
528210AAAFD 3I Med43I EMRC Med 4Hospital
560230AAAFD 3J Med83J EMRC Med 8Hospital
592250AAAFD 4A BWI Disp4A BWI Fire Dispatch (simulcast of MAA 13)Fire Dispatch
624270AAAFD 4B BWI Tac14B BWI Fire Tac 1 (simulcast of MAA 14)Fire-Tac
656290AAAFD 4C BWI Tac24C BWI Fire Tac 2 (simulcast of MAA 18)Fire-Tac
9763d0AAAFD 3N MutAid3N Mutual AidInterop
64161910AAAFD 22A Dis Gen22A Disaster GeneralEmergency Ops
64481930AAAFD 22B Dis 122B Disaster 1Emergency Ops
64801950AAAFD 22C Dis 222C Disaster 2Emergency Ops
65121970AAAFD 22D Dis 322D Disaster 3Emergency Ops
660819d0AAAFD 3K Trng T13K Training Tac 1Fire-Tac
664019f0AAAFD 3L Trng T23L Training Tac 2Fire-Tac
66721a10AAAFD 3M Trng T33M Training Tac 3Fire-Tac
171684310DAAFD 4J VolC X4J Volunteer Chief X-RayFire-Tac
172004330DAAFD 4K BatC X4K Battalion Chief X-RayFire-Tac
172324350DAAFD 4L Annap X4L Annapolis Fire X-RayFire-Tac
172644370DAAFD 4O FMO X4O Fire Marshal Office X-RayFire-Tac
172964390DAAFD 4P Alarm X4P Fire Alarm X-RayFire-Tac
336168350DeAAFD 4H FIB4H Fire Investigations Bureau (FIB)Fire-Tac
336488370DAAFD 4I Adm4I AdministrationFire-Tac
336808390DAAFD 4M Hazmat4M HazmatFire-Tac
3371283b0DAAFD 4N PIO4N Public Information OfficerFire-Tac