Arizona Wireless Integrated Network System (Az Wins)

Site: Arizona Department of Public Safety

Unique DB ID: 14519
County: Systemwide

The use of DPS on these TG's is done via simulcast with the respective UHF frequencies at this time.  It is not continuously simulcasted.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.3149 Longitude: -111.2690 Range: 210 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54221eDDPS Dist 4District 4 - Yuma (Simulcast)Law Dispatch
10003e8DEDPS CID EDPS CI RelatedLaw Tac
10063eeDDPS District 8District 8 - Tucson (Simulcast)Law Dispatch
10093f1DDPS Event 1DPS Event 1Law Tac
10103f2DDPS Event 2DPS Event 2Law Tac
10133f5DDPS CI-CtrlCI-Central (Simulcast CI 2)Law Tac
10143f6DDPS CI-SoCI-South (Simulcast CI 3)Law Tac
10153f7DeDPS CI-NorthCI-NorthLaw Tac
10163f8DEDPS CID FDPS CI RelatedLaw Tac
10173f9DDPS MW TACMetro West TAC - Phoenix (Simulcast)Law Tac
10183faDDPS ME TACMetro East TAC - Phoenix (Simulcast)Law Tac
10203fcDDPS CID ACIDLaw Tac
1025401DDPS CID BCIDLaw Tac
1028404DDPS CID CDPS CI RelatedLaw Tac
105041aDDPS Dist 9District 9 - Sierra VistaLaw Dispatch
105141bDDPS Dist 6District 6 - Casa GrandeLaw Dispatch
105241cDDPS Dist 2District 2 - FlagstaffLaw Dispatch
105341dDDPS Dist 1District 1 - KingmanLaw Dispatch
105441eDDPS Dist 11District 11 - Payson / GlobeLaw Dispatch
105541fDDPS Metro CMetro Central - Phoenix (Simulcast)Law Dispatch
1056420DDPS Dist 3District 3 - HolbrookLaw Dispatch
1057421DDPS Dist 12District 12 - PrescottLaw Dispatch
1058422DDPS Metro EMetro East - Phoenix (Simulcast)Law Dispatch
1059423DDPS Metro WMetro West - Phoenix (Simulcast)Law Dispatch
1060424DDPS Metro SMetro South - Phoenix (Simulcast)Law Dispatch