STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois

Site: Cook County

Unique DB ID: 14092
County: Cook

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.8348 Longitude: -87.7945 Range: 34.154910310664 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17766f0DMWRD Police 1Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago: PoliceLaw Dispatch
17776f1DMWRD Police 2Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago: PoliceLaw Tac
2576a10DESChiHts/StegerPDSouth Chicago Heights / Steger Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3491da3DLemont Police 1Lemont Police: Police 1? (Evaluation)Law Talk
3492da4DLemont Police 2Lemont Police: Police 2? (Evaluation)Law Talk
3494da6DLemont Police 3Lemont Police: Police 3? (Evaluation)Law Talk
3495da7DLemont Police 4Lemont Police: Police 4 (Alternate)Law Tac
3679e5fTGlnv/GlncFD DispGlenview and Glencoe Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
3681e61DGlnv EventsGlenview Events?Emergency Ops
3684e64TESkokie/LnclnwdPDSkokie, Lincolnwood Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3685e65TEGPSDC MG/NilesMorton Grove and Niles Police (Glenview Dispatch)Law Dispatch
3686e66TEGPSDC GlenviewPDGlenview Police (Glenview Dispatch)Law Dispatch
3687e67TENet 24BWinnetka, Kenilworth, Glencoe, Northfield PDs (Glenview Dispatch); Wilmette PDLaw Dispatch
3688e68TENorthbrookPoliceNorthbrook Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3691e6bTeGPSDC APERNGlenview Dispatch: Areawide Police Emergency Radio Network (APERN)Law Talk
3404684feTeUC Police DispUniversity of Chicago: Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3404784ffTUC Police 34047University of Chicago: Police AlternateLaw Talk
340498501TUC Police 34049University of Chicago: Police AlternateLaw Talk
340508502TUC Police 34050University of Chicago: Police AlternateLaw Talk
340518503TUC Police 34051University of Chicago: Police AlternateLaw Talk
340528504TUC Police 34052University of Chicago: Police AlternateLaw Talk
340548506TUC CPD Z7 PatchUniversity of Chicago: CPD Zone 7/District 3 PatchLaw Talk
344208674TMarkham PD DispMarkham Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
344218675TMarkham PD TacMarkham Police TacLaw Tac
3480587f5THrprClg PD DispHarper College: Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3480687f6THrprClg PD Tac1Harper College: Police Tac 1Law Tac
3480787f7THrprClg PD Tac2Harper College: Police Tac 2Law Tac
3480887f8THrprClg PD Tac3Harper College: Police Tac 3Law Tac
34860882cTSauk Vlg PD DispSauk Village Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
34861882dTSauk Vlg PD AltSauk Village Police: AlternateLaw Talk
361018d05TEWheeling PD DispWheeling Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
361528d38TWheeling PD IncdWheeling Police: Incident / Special EventLaw Talk
361558d3bDWheelingPD136155Wheeling Police: OpsLaw Talk
364968e90DSkokie/LnclnwdFDSkokie, Lincolnwood Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
368168fd0TWilmette PD EvntWilmette Police: EventsLaw Talk
369169034THanTwp Fclty/RdHanover Township Facilities and Road MaintenancePublic Works
369179035THanTwp Emrg SvcsHanover Township Emergency ServicesEmergency Ops
369189036THanTwp 36918Hanover Township OperationsPublic Works
369199037THanTwp 36919Hanover Township OperationsPublic Works
369769070DEEvanston PD DispEvanston Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
36990907eTEvanston PD AltEvanston Police Alternate (rarely used)Law Talk